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AMERICAN IDOL XIV:  Joey Cook performs at House of Blues for the IDOL SHOWCASE airing Wednesday, Feb. 18 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Feb. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). CR: Michael Becker / FOX.  © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.

The American Idol 24 House of Blues Showcase continues tonight! Last night, the first 12 of the Top 24 were revealed. Tonight the Top 24 will be completed by the end of the hour. Stick around while we live blog.

American Idol 14 Spoilers – Top 24 Contestant List

Now that you know which contestants made the Top 24, find out the songs they have chosen to perform when American Idol hits the Fillmore in Detroit MI.  The performances have been taped already. The Top 12 boys will sing on Wednesday, February 25 and the girls on Thursday February 26–FOR YOUR VOTES! On Wednesday, March 5 the Top 16 will be revealed!

American Idol 14 Spoilers – Top 24 Song Choices

Here we go…

Right off the bat Josh Sanders is eliminated from the competition. Jlo assures him that SHE really liked him. Harry asks her to PLEASE keep throwing the rest of them under the bus. /Sarcasm. Poor guy.

Hollywood Anderson – This was a continuation of the cliffhanger from last night’s broadcast. Keith apologizes, says he’s a real soulful guy, but he didn’t make the cut. Hollywood tears up thinking of the people who helped him get there. It’s hard for him to tell his team he didn’t make it. His performance was a big improvement over the Hollywood round, but it wasn’t enough.

Hollywood Anderson is Cut

Joey Cook – “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee – Joey continues to be cute and quirky. She remembers the words. Or at least I think she does! She seems less frantic here. Her hair is pink! Harry says there are so many factors to consider. BLAH BLAH BLAH. It must be exhausting, thinking up new and lame ways to fake out the contestants. Jlo adds that comparing the contestants is hard, because they are like apples and oranges. Harry calls her the Kiwi of the bunch, and since there are none of those, she’s IN.

Joey Cook Advances to the Top 24

Katherine Winston – Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac – Katherines slinky Fleetwood Mac cover seems to impress. Love the hint of rasp in her voice. She says she has NO fallback plan. She’ll end up waiting tables if she’s cut.  “Watching your journey, every time you got up there, something magical happened,” says Jlo, “We’d love you to be in our Top 24.” Katherine bursts into tears. Aw.

Katherine Winston Advances to the Top 24

Maddy Hudson – “Diamonds” by Rihanna – Jennifer thought she’d win after her audition. She struggled in Hollywood, but came back made a comeback with her final Hollywood solo. Ooh. Her HOB Showcase performance is real pitchy. Keith breaks the bad news. She’s cut. She says it’s hard not to be a pessimist in the situation, but “timing is everything, and it’s not my time right now. Mature attitude.

Maddy Hudson is Cut

Alexis Gomez – “Better Dig Two” by Band Perry – She sang part of the song in Spanish! The judges asked her to challenge herself with something new, and it looks like her risk paid off, because Alexis is in the Top 24.

Alexis Gomez advances to the Top 24

Quentin Alexander – “Youth by Foxes – Great song choice. He also looks as fabulous as ever. Keith wonders what America will think of his unique style. The judges have decided they want to find out. Quentin is in the Top 24

Quentin Alexander advances to the Top 24

Savion Wright – “I Don’t Trust Myself (with loving you)” by John Mayer – He’s back to prove himself again. He wants to show them artistry. Keith says the performances have been really good, he sang good last night, and is a great live performer. Keith wonders if Savion is up for the challenge… We find out after the break! And of course, the judges feel the singer is ready for this.  Savion is in the Top 24! He goes crazy! ‘I did it. I DID IT!”

Savion Wright Advances to the Top 24

Jaq MacKenzie and Hunter Larsen are cut.

Mark Andrew – “Take Me To Church” by Hozier – Mark tearfully describes how this year is his last chance because of the age limit. His family depends on him. “I could use a good yes right now,” he says. Good song choice. I like his tone. Although Mark hasn’t made much of a splash so far, he’s a consistent performer. I’ll be keeping an eye on Mark. Harry stresses the competitive situation. Mark is in his own lane, but is he different enough? YES HE’S IN!

Mark Andrew Advances to the Top 24

Trevor Douglas –  “Burnin Love” by Elvis Presley – The mathematician of the bunch, he’s in charge of figuring out the odds on remaining spots! He was a standout during Hollywood. He performs “Burnin Love” by Elvis Presley and it’s…interesting? Not Trevor’s best. I count on him not to be cheesy. Fail. Harry notes that his vocals last night weren’t as they could be. He’s worried about consistency. Nevertheless, they are willing to take a risk, because he’s talented. Trevor is IN!

Trevor Douglas Advances to the Top 24

Emily Brooke – “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban – Emily’s talent, maturity and composure is well beyond that of a 15 year old. I love her pure country tone. Maybe Scott Borcetta was thinking GOT ONE OF THOSE ALREADY (Danielle Bradbery. Ahem) They don’t put her through, but urge her to come back next year. Riley Bria looks REALLY upset. Emily feels the experience will open up more opportunities for her. I bet she has a good chance to make the cut next year if she decides to return.

Emily Brooke is Cut

Nick Fradiani – “Drops of Jupiter” by Train – Like Mark, it’s the last chance for Nick. Harry says, “You can handle people being forthright with you…” Nick emerges from the curtain. He’s in! He was nervous for a minute. Not surprised this pro singer advanced.

Nick Fradiani Advances to the Top 24

Sarina-Joi Crowe – “Big White Room” by Jesse J – This singer continues to be amazing! Harry tells Sarina that she’s the contestant that best represents her genre. I’m assuming that’s R&B, although her song choices are all over the place, and she slays them all. Sarina twirls her way back to the holding room! Four long years, she has finally made the show.

Sarina-Joi Crowe Advances to the Top 24

Qaasim Middleton – “Satisfaction” by Allen Stone – Qaasim and his mom spend a lot of time fussing over his outfit. Does Qaasim have the best vocals? Nope. But he’s a showman through and through and that’s going to work for him on Idol. Jlo is asks Qaasim if Brooklyn is in the house. “BROOKLYN IS IN THE HOUSE” he shouts. “You made the Top 24 Qaasim!” Qaasim delivers the good news to his mama. He’s in.

Qaasim Middleton Advances to The Top 24

Riley Bria and Ricky Dale Hendricks are the last two remaining males, both country singers.

Riley Bria – “Love this Pain” by Lady Antebellum – Riley sang a Keith Urban song at the auditions, plus they have performed together. THAT could not have hurt. Jlo didn’t like his song choice, which is a little puzzling. Between Riley and Rickey, the former seems most ready for prime time. He’s also got a super radio-friendly voice.

Ricky Hendricks – “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith Whitley – This young singer has consistently seemed underbaked to me. His vocals need work, and is still mimicking emotions rather than really feeling them.

Ricky Hendricks and Riley Bria sit together, to learn their fate. Not surprisingly, Riley advances to the Top 24. Ricky is cut. Ricky is the less polished of the two, and could definitely benefit the most from sitting out a year or two.

Riley Bria advances to the Top 24, Ricky Hendricks is Cut.

Shi Scott and Jelly Joseph vie for the very last spot for the girls. (Or maybe not. Because creative editing).

Shi Scott –  “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder –  This singer has been presented as messy–unsure of herself and nervous. Her early performances weren’t impressive.  She has a very unusual vocal tone. But her style and delivery aren’t consistent. Even when confronted by the judges, she can only admit that she couldn’t look at them when she sang, “I was too spooked.”

Jelly Joseph – “Bang Bang” by Jesse J – Jelly has a mini-meltdown right before her Showcase performance, but once she hits the stage, she’s a powerhouse.  Unlike Shi, Jelly has delivered consistently good performances. Harry felt she represented New Orleans incredibly well. They think Jelly is special, but they don’t pick her. She feels blessed that she made it to the Top 48.

I don’t think this was REALLY a choice between these two singers? It was just presented that way for drama. But if I HAD to choose, I’d be Team Jelly all the way. A hint as to why Jelly didn’t make it can be found in the words Harry said to Sarina-Joi Crowe, when he said she represented her genre the best. If there was a choice, it was between Sarina-Joi and Jelly. In which case, Sarina wins. She wins EVERYTHING to be honest.

Shi is this season’s “rocker chick” and I don’t expect her to last long.

Shi Scott advances, Jelly Joseph is cut

It took us TWO TRIES. But congratulations to US for being the first to post a COMPLETE and CORRECT Top 24 spoiler list. We RULE.

Here’s YOUR American Idol 14 Top 24!

Top 24

Joey Cook
Katherine Winston
Alexis Gomez
Quentin Alexander
Savion Wright
Mark Andrew
Trevor Douglas
Nick Fradiani
Sarina-Joi Crowe
Qaasim Middleton
Riley Bria
Shi Scott

Revealed on Wednesday

Michael Simeon
Loren Lott
Adam Ezegalien
Lovey James
Adanna Duru
Maddie Walker
Clark Beckham
Daniel Seavey
Tyanna Jones
Rayvon Owen
Shannon Berthiaume


Josh Sanders
Hollywood Anderson
Maddy Hudson
Jaq MacKenzie
Hunter Larsen
Emily Brooke
Ricky Hendricks
Jelly Joseph

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