Joey Cook American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Joey Cook American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Meet Joey Cook American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24 Contestant

Joey DeAnn Cook is a singer-songwriter from Virginia, who currently resides in New Orleans. According to her website, Joey can play the ukulele in addition to the accordion, which she only picked up and mastered recently. Since learning to play the accordion, Joey wants people to see it as more then just an obscure instrument. Despite being a waiter, Joey strives to have people recognize her talent and potential as a singer-songwriter. Dubbed her “squeeze-box,” in addition to the ukulele, Joey says she has a love for obscure instruments and loves learning how to play them.

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Driven by her grandfather, Joey auditioned for the Idol bus tour, and was one of the lucky few to be chosen to audition in front of the celebrity judges. At her audition, after performing, Keith declared her as his favorite voice of the entire day. If you are a fan, get excited, because Joey has advanced to the top 24 this year!

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Overall Thoughts: I want to start off saying that personally, I like Joey Cook. That said, I think Joey is just a little to quirky for the public and is not going to last long this season. If she is able to really stand out she could last, but with American Idol’s audience I just see them supporting other contestants over her. In addition, her videos show her leaning towards obscure song choices, and I think unless she performs songs the public will recognize, her chances will be slashed dramatically. My advice to her, is to look to current star Sia for inspiration, because in addition to looking alike (I see it at least), I think they share the same style and audience of people who like their music. If Joey models herself as the next Sia, I think more people will connect and look forward to her. If she doesn’t take my advice, I give her a 25% chance of being in the top 10.

Song Suggestions:

  • Chandelier, by Sia. This would be a terrible idea if she sung it like the original, but being so much like Sia, I think she could change it up and make it her own. That way, she can both show her desire to be an artist like Sia, and also show her ability to switch up a song.
  • Seven Nation Army, by The White Strips. Perform this like Melanie Martinez, and BAM she will have a moment potential performance.

Joey Auditioned with her accordion in Kansas City!

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