Tyanna Jones American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Tyanna Jones - American Idol 14 Top 24 (2015)

Meet Tyanna Jones American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24 Contestant

Tyanna Jones is a sixteen year old singer from Florida who has been through some rough times in her life. One of eleven children, Tyanna’s family went through a period of time where they were homeless. Things got so bad, that there was a time where the family had to sleep on the floor of their local church. Tyanna discovered her talent for singing when her family was going through these difficulties, and because of the entire experience, she grew stronger emotionally.

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From her Youtube videos and her audition, Tyanna leans towards modern pop music with a little soul mixed in there. Tyanna’s family provides her with lots of support, and in fact, her mother was the one to gather the necessary funds to fly Tyanna out for her American Idol audition.

Tyanna is a singer with a lot of charisma. After advancing through the preliminary stages of the audition process, Tyanna showed off swagger and strong vocals. In the end, her performance earned her good reviews from the judges, and with that she was off to Hollywood Week! Tyanna is one of those singers bubbling up this season, and if you are a fan, look out for her in Hollywood Week, rumor has it she will be sticking around a while *wink wink*

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Overall Thoughts: I love her charisma! Tyanna reminds me of a mix of Malaya Watson and Majesty Rose from last season. That said, from the few videos I’ve seen, I think Tyanna is a much more current singer then Malaya, but has a stronger belting voice then Majesty. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyanna advances to the top 10, but if she does, I worry that her nerves might get the best of her. I really can’t decide how she will do until I see her in a live show, because as we’ve seen, some contestants struggle when we get there.

Song Suggestions:

  • I Am Changing, from Dreamgirls. Big diva ballad that I think Tyanna could pull off if the nerves don’t get to her.
  • If I Ain’t Got You, by Alicia Keys. It is current and it has range to show off her strong vocals. Should be a perfect fit.

Watch Tyanna Jones sing “Wings” by Little Mix at her San Francisco Audition

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