Lovey James – American Idol Top 24 Season 14 – 2015

Lovey James - American Idol Top 24 Season 14 - 2015

Lovey James: Meet the American Idol Top 24 Season 14

Lovey James is a 17 year old singer, Youtuber, dancer and actress from Oregon, who, since a very young age, has been performing around the country. The singer has been performing since the age of 6, and after joining a local dance group, the group’s leader realized her potential and entered her in a singing competition (in which she placed first ). Since then, Lovey realized her potential as a singer and has entered numerous other local singing competitions, while at the same time honing her skills as a performer.

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Currently, Lovey has posted multiple covers on her Youtube channel, however she has moved towards a more professional way of handling her music career.

In 2012, Lovey, after entering a local Teen Idol competition, met Geoff Byrd, a producer who produced her first single “Right Now.” Afterwards, Lovey was introduced by Byrd, who saw potential in her, to Steve Sundholm, a song-writer and producer who had worked with Carrie Underwood, Hall and Oats, Ryan Tedder and more.

Together, the duo worked on Lovey’s image and worked on recording and writing multiple new songs.
Later in 2012, Lovey’s producer flew her to Los Angles, where she met up with PJ Bianco, another song-writer and producer who had worked with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony. Along with Bianco, Lovey co-wrote multiple songs like “Stupid Boy”, “Rule The World” and “Don’t Be Such A Chick.” In 2014, Lovey auditioned for American Idol in Nashville. And good for her! She advanced to the top 24! Look out for Lovey this season!

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Overall Thoughts: Personally, Lovey’s voice kind of grates on my ears. However, my personal gripes with her voice aside, I think I love this girl. Of all the girls this season, Lovey, in my opinion, is a blooming pop star and for me is in the top 3 for most marketable. In addition, of all of the top 12 girls, Lovey is coming into this competition with a TON of followers and fans already, so she already has an advantage. Lovey is all personality and while her voice doesn’t work for me, I predict it will with the public. I don’t know why, but being the most marketable, I don’t see a top 13 without her.

Song Suggestions:

1) Shake It Off, by Taylor Swift. I don’t know why, but I have a vision where Lovey can take this song, put on a whole production and have a moment. The thing is though, as much as I see this song having potential with Lovey, it also has major train wreck potential, so if she decides to do this song at some point, she needs to treed carefully on which bits of the song to use and which to toss aside.
2) Breath (2 AM), by Anna Nalick. This could be good if she keeps it simple and just sings it as it should be.

Note: Lovey is an avid snapchatter. Follow her at “loveyjames” because she often sends out behind the scenes pictures.

Watch Lovey James sing “Break Free” at her Kansas City Audition

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