Trevor Douglas – American Idol Top 24 Season 14 – 2015

Trevor Douglas - American Idol 14 Top 24 (2015)

Trevor Douglas: Meet the American Idol Top 24 Season 14

Trevor Douglas is a singer, musician and actor from Dallas Texas, who categorizes himself as a pop, indie and acoustic artist. Despite only being seventeen, Trevor has performing experiences that range from acting in movies/films, and performing at local venues/events. According to the biography on his website, Trevor recently was named in the Texas Top Ten in both acting singing, and also the most entertaining singers. In addition to being skilled with a guitar, drums and ukulele, Trevor lists his other skills as being able to mime, perform improv, and perform dances to choreography.

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Aside from being a singer, Trevor has lent his voice to voice-over works, including a Radio Disney role. In addition, Trevor has performed on stage in plays, but also in certain film works such as “Get Moving” and “The In Between Place.” At his performances, Trevor is known for his interactions with the audience and high energy music. If you are a fan of Trevor’s look out for him this season on American Idol.

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Overall Thoughts: I don’t know guys, something about Trevor is screaming potential ringer to me. Personally, I think it is between him, Clark and Michael for this season’s male TCO. With his energy, unique voice and just being really entertaining to watch perform, I definitely see him advancing to the top 13 (likely knocking out Daniel Seavey in the process for the youngest male singer title in the top 13). Beyond that, I’m not sure how far he will go, but I have a strong feeling he will stick around for a while.

Song Suggestions:

1) This Is The New Year, by A Great Big World. I think Trevor can really bring some energy to this song and put on an epic show. If he plays piano I’d suggest he start there for the beginning then build it up and switch instruments mid performance and deliver for the epic guitar solo at the end. Bring some solid vocals along and Trevor will have a moment.

2) We’re Going To Be Friends, by The White Stripes. If Trevor wants to give a stripped back performance, I think this song would be perfect for him. With only an acoustic guitar and his vocals I think he could have a moment with this one.

So, do you agree with me? Is there another song you want to hear Trevor sing? Do you think Trevor might be TCO also? Sound off in the comments!

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Watch Trevor Douglas perform “Sing” at his Nashville Audition

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