Shannon Berthiaume American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Shannon Berthiaume American Idol 2015 Season 14

Meet Shannon Berthiaume American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24 Contestant

Shannon Mae Berthiaume is a singer-songwriter from Minnesota, who before Idol rarely performed in front of people. According to Shannon, music and singing was more a therapy then anything, as she used to use it to make her feel better when sad. Now, Shannon says she sings all the time because it is what she is best at. Preferring soul music, Shannon still dips into rock territory, and has quite the ability to rock out with a song. Regarding her influences, Shannon cites Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin among others.

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Shannon auditioned for American Idol season 14, advancing to the celebrity audition round. There, Shannon was warmly received by the the judges and scored her golden ticket to Hollywood. While described as very raw, the judges said she had lots of potential, so Shannon will definitely be one to watch this season. If you are a fan, get excited because Shannon is in the top 24!

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Overall Thoughts: Shannon is the wildcard this season. Her audition showed her as being very raw, so she still has a lot to learn and control. If she figures out how to really control her voice, she could be amazing and go far this season, but if she doesn’t, I see her as gone in the first 3 weeks. If she really pulls it all together, Shannon will be golden, but I think one or two slip up performances and she could be out of here.

Song Suggestions:

  • Ghost, by Ella Henderson. Ella’s voice kind of reminds me of Shannon’s. That said, this song would show she is marketable, and if she can get her vocals under control, show she can really belt. I wold recommend switching it up though, maybe slowing it down and do it acoustically. If she plays guitar, bring it out for this song and do it acoustically.
  • Stompa, by Serena Ryder. Shannon says she likes to perform soul songs, but I see her almost as a bit of a rocker. While skating the line a little, this song could be just what Shannon needs. I think she could really rock out with this song. I actually really like the idea of her doing this song now.
  • I Put A Spell On You, by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. I know I usually just do 2 suggestions, but it just hit me how Shannon could really slay this song! I think this song would fit her like a glove.

Watch Shannon perform “House of the Rising Sun” at her Minneapolis audition

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