American Idol 14 Top 24 – Riley Bria – 2015

Riley Bria - American Idol 14 Top 24 (2015)

Meet the American Idol Top 24 Riley Bria

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Riley Bria is an eighteen year old country/rock singer-songwriter from Tennessee. Currently, Riley is the lead singer of a country/rock/pop band called Levi Road, which is composed of himself, his two brothers Jaden and Spencer, and their friend Josh. With Levi Road, Riley travels and performers across the Pennsylvania area, often doing shows for events. Along with the band, Riley is one of the main song writers for the group, and has had a hand in penning multiple of the band’s songs. While originally known as “Headstrong,” Levi Road has gone on to write and perform multiple original song such as Crossroads, Carolina Sand and Shimmy. In addition, Riley, along with Levi Road, credit Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Zach Brown Band and more as their musical influences.

In 2012, Riley was able to perform with current American Idol judge Keith Urban at the American Country Awards. After the experience, Riley explained how the performance was all about having fun and enjoying the moment. For Riley, in his video describing the experience, he says that as long as he felt he was having fun, he was performing fine on TV. Look out for Riley this season on American Idol people! Rumor has it he will be performing a Keith Urban tune for his American Idol audition. (It’s not a rumor

LinksWebsite – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube: I think he deleted his, but this one is his band’s and has a few videos of him singing.

Riley describing his experience performing with Keith Urban

Overall Thoughts: I’ve got a feeling Riley is going to be a strong and versatile competitor this season. Being a male country singer, Riley has that bracket on the male side all to himself, which will really benefit him in the long run. Honestly, he is in my top 5 guys.

Song Suggestions:

  • Brightside, by The Killers. I know this isn’t a country song, but his youtube videos show that he can really rock out. I think he can nail this song.
  • I Want Crazy, by Hunter Hayes. Riley seems like the singer who will lean towards upbeat songs. That said, I think he could have a moment with this song.

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Watch Riley Bria perform “Georgia Woods” at his Nashville Audition

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