Maddie Walker American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Maddie Walker American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Meet Maddie Walker American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24 Contestant

Maddie Walker is a sixteen year old country singer from Iowa, who is also an Idol veteran and returnee! Having auditioned for American Idol in season 13 and advanced to Hollywood, Maddie is no stranger to the process. Idol aside, in addition to singing, Maddie greatly enjoys cheerleading, and has been cheering since she was young. Regarding her influences, Maddie cites Carrie Underwood and Christina Aguilera as the artists she aspires to be like. The reason she singles out these two, is because they are powerful female figures in the music industry with positive messages to girls about being comfortable in their’ own skin. In a biographical-like Youtube video, Maddie describes an event where she performed at a family friends funeral, during which she realized how much her singing has impacted herself and other. Because of this, Maddie felt she grew and realized who she is and what she wanted to be.

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Maddie auditioned for season 13 of American Idol, advancing to the judges where she performed Before He Cheats, by Carrie Underwood. Despite mixed reception from the judges, Maddie advanced to Hollywood, though she was cut at some point during the rounds. This season, Maddie is back with a vengeance, having advanced to the top 24! If you are a fan, look out for her this season!

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Overall Thoughts: As I said before, I think it is between Alexis and Maddie for the token country girl in the top 10. Who gets it at this point is anyone’s guess, but based just off the auditions, personally I’d give it to Maddie. However, that country spot truly is up for grabs at the moment, and it just is going to come down to whoever can jump higher to catch it. I just hope she doesn’t crash and burn this season like Baylie Brown, because I really like this girl.

Song Suggestions:

  • Blown Away, by Carrie Underwood. Maddie has some pipes, and this song definitely will highlight her belting abilities. In addition, this song will showcase how much of a vocal threat Maddie will be this season.
  • Put Your Records On, Corinne Rae. I like this song, and I think if Maddie did it, she could come across as the girl next door, which could score her a bunch of votes.

Watch Maddie Walker sing “Suitcase” by Gwen Sebastian for her New York City Audition

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