Nick Fradiani American Idol 2015 Season 14

Nick Fradiani American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Meet Nick Fradiani American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24 Contestant

Nick Fradiani is a singer-songwriter from Connecticut who is not unfamiliar with prime time television. After being on America’s Got Talent with his band Beach Avenue over the summer and getting unjustly cut (more on that another time), Nick quickly rebounded by auditioning for American Idol with his girlfriend. Television aside for a moment, Nick and a few of his friends came together in 2011 for a local competition and formed the band Beach Avenue. After winning the competition, the fresh band got a headlining show, and eventually headed into the studio to write and record new songs. After working on their songs, Beach Avenue went on tour, opening for various artists, but they eventually made the decision to audition for Americas Got Talent.

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This past summer, Beach Avenue were featured on Americas Got Talent, having advanced past the producers to the celebrity judges. There, the band wowed the panel with their original song Coming Your Way (an epic song and I highly recommend it!), which got the group rave reviews from the judges. After their performance, two of the judges ended up giving the group a standing ovation, and Beach Avenue flew to the next round with flying colors. Unfortunately, Beach Avenue was unjustly cut in Vegas, ending their journey. However, after they were cut, Nick along with his girlfriend tried out for American Idol! While his girlfriend didn’t advance (also unjustly. Why was she cut?) Nick did! If you are a fan of Nick, get hyped because you will see a lot of him this season as he made the top 24!

Links: Website (Beach Avenue)Twitter – Instagram (Beach Avenue) –  Facebook – YouTube (Beach Avenue)AGT Performance

Overall Thoughts: Nick is my favorite guy this season by far! I covered some aspects of AGT over the summer here at MJS’, so knowing Beach Avenue before, and having followed some of their music, I think Nick is incredibly versatile and really crosses off a ton of marks; he is really talented, so the hardcore viewers will like him, and he has the look that the older and younger girl crowd will really get behind. Being unjustly cut from AGT, I think Nick is really gonna bring it this season, and he is my personal pick of the guys destined for the finale. I really think he is the boys TCO, and if a boy wins, I want, and see it being Nick taking it all.

Song Suggestions:

  • Coming Your Way, by Beach Avenue. This song by Nick’s own band is incredible! If he were to perform it, no one would be able to deny his relevance and marketability. Breaking this song out could be Nick’s smartest idea.
  • Over My Head, by The Fray. The Fray is a band that shares Nick and Beach Avenue’s style. This style of music is exactly what Nick would record, so performing it would give the audience a taste.

Nick’s American Idol Audition

Nick performed “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel at the New York City auditions.

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