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The Voice 25 - Nadège
Pictured: Nadège — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

The Voice 25 Recap: Premiere Blind Auditions

It’s a Happy Monday because The Voice is back on NBC! Season 25 premieres tonight with the first round of Blind Auditions in a 90-minute episode, and this season is making The Voice history.

For the first time ever, we’ll see a “double chair” when country duo Dan and Shay make their coaching debut. Back from Season 24 are Reba McIntire and John Legend, while Season 23 coach Chance the Rapper returns to his chair after taking a season off. And as always, Carson Daly returns to host.

The Voice 25 Contestants to Watch (Meet the Artists)

Dani Stacey – 31 – I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Dani does a slow, acoustic version on the guitar and immediately becomes a four chair turn, but Chance uses his block on Reba. Whether it’s sweet or deep or raspy, Dani exhibits complete control of her voice.

Reba says she’s disappointed she got blocked because Dani is spectacular. Chance calls it an amazing performance and he’s hyped at the possibility of working with her. John compliments the crackle in her voice and she’s got soul. Dan and Shay like her lower register and that she knows exactly who she is. Dani chooses Team Chance.

Justin & Jeremy Garcia – 17 – Story of My Life by One Direction

Twins Justin and Jeremy perform a beautiful rendition of this 1D song with one playing the piano. All coaches except John almost immediately turn. They end with high notes made of perfection.

Dan and Shay say they have the perfect chair for them (lol). Chance compliments the way they regained control when they got pitchy. John says it could’ve been tighter. Reba says they take her back to her childhood and she loves their enthusiasm. The twins choose Team Dan and Shay.

Tae Lewis – 31 – Somebody Like You by Keith Urban

I love his deep twang! John turned first, and it took Tae’s beautiful runs to get Reba’s chair to turn.

Dan and Shay call him a phenomenal talent. Chance thinks John could take his arrangements in cool directions. John calls his voice electric. Reba says John’s name is legend, but according to Wikipedia she’s legend too. Tae chooses Team Reba.

Ryan Argast – 30 – Speechless by Dan + Shay

Ryan doesn’t do it quite like Dan and Shay, but nonetheless, the duo is the only ones to turn.

John says he loves the texture of his voice. Reba says he’ll have a great time with Dan and Shay. Dan and Shay compliment his hair and then says the song choice was risky but it paid off. Ryan joins Team Dan and Shay.

Dan and Shay then hop on stage and sing the song with Ryan, insert my heart eyes here.

Ash Haynes – 36 – The Best by Tina Turner

I love this song and I’m so glad Ash is doing it justice! I also love her style and how much fun she had performing, but sadly no one turned.

John says he wants more control and precision. Dan and Shay say it was a little pitchy but they regret not hitting the button. Chance says she should keep going. Reba tells her to take deep breaths when performing and to please come back.

Nadège – 26 – Get You by Daniel Caesar

Smooth, pretty voice, John and Chance both turn.

Nadege mentions the first time she performed was John’s song “Ordinary People,” so John joins her on stage to duet the song together.

Dan and Shay they knew they had no chance when John turned. Chance says he’ll sing “Ordinary People” with her too if she wants, so he gets on stage and tries to impersonate John. Reba says she reminds her of Lauren Daigle. Nadege chooses Team Chance.

Josh Sanders – 35 – Whiskey on You by Nate Smith

Josh has this awesome grit in his voice, but halfway through the song no one’s turned yet. Reba waits until the last second to his her button, and right before the song ends, Dan and Shay hit theirs.

Reba says she loved the vocal and the power. Dan and Shay compliment the high notes. Josh chooses Team Reba.

OK 3 – Trio – Made You Look by Meghan Trainor

I love their orange outfits! Major Sorelle vibes, cool version of this song, and everyone except Chance turns at the start. Chance finally turns before the song ends.

John says it was a mini concert and there’s a lot of space for a pop girl group right now. Dan and Shay say they want her so bad and their voices are phenomenal. John chimes in and says he needs a partner like Dan and Shay have and suddenly inflates a dancing balloon man that says Pick Team John. Chance says he can expand their pallette of genres and he’s got a 3 hat. Reba says she loved the harmony and then realizes her Grammy is beside her.

OK 3 chooses…

We’ll find out on tomorrow’s episode! Meet me back here at 8pm EST tomorrow for the second round of blind auditions!

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