America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: Auditions Week 5 Live Blog

Goat vs Fish - America's Got Talent 2024
Pictured: Goat vs Fish — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: We’re live blogging Auditions Week 5

America’s Got Talent 2024 season 19 continues on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews as host. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

America’s Got Talent 2024 Spoilers Auditions 5 – Meet the Acts (Photos)

The new season will feature more Golden Buzzers than ever before, as each judge gets TWO buzzers and Terry can pick one. That’s a total of nine Golden Buzzers for the new season.

Owl Man – Owl!

The show opens with “Owl Man.” Basically, a dude dressed in a ridiculous owl costume. He’s a security guard at a fast food restaurant in Los Angeles, and a singing Owl by night? He sings “Who Let the Dogs Out” before every judge buzzes him off.

A.merica’s G.olden T.iger and Owl Man – Tiger lady?

It’s furry night on America’s Got Talent, apparently. A woman dressed in a tiger outfit yells a few bad jokes before getting buzzed off.

Goat vs Fish – Singing comedian

Next! Another joke act, “Goat vs Fish” Howie buzzes him first after the “comic” yells about goats and fish. It’s a willfully stupid act.

TT Brothers – Comedy duo

Osada Shouhei and Matsuo Shun, from Tokyo Japan, aren’t really brothers. They march out on stage shouting about T, followed by bits about T words. How have they not been buzzed yet? Howie, who loves the juvenile stuff, is laughing. Since Terry begins with T, he joins them on stage to dance. These guys have millions of followers on social media, by the way.

“You guys were terrific,” says Howie, using a T word. Heidi says she’s losing her mind. Sofia loves their personality. Simon says, “What do I say? Half way through I got it. You guys are hilarious.” 4 yeses

Oscar Stembridge – Singer-songwriter

Oscar, a 16 year old Swedish singer-songwriter, has dreamed about competing on AGT. “You’re cute!” gushes Heidi. He’s been playing music his entire life.

He performs an original song, accompanying himself on guitar. The tune, “What If,” is about conjuring hopeful things in uncertain times. He sings with a quavering, pleasant voice. He sounds a little like Ed Sheeran. Obviously that singer-songwriter has influenced him. He plods some, lacking Ed’s natural rhythm. But Heidi is correct. He is cute.

Oh wow. original song hating Howie is on his feet. He calls the song beautiful. He thinks his life will change forever. “You are wiser than just being 16 years old,” says Heidi. She thinks his high notes are screechy though. “Keep doing what you’re doing,” says Sofia. Simon loved the first part of the song, especially. He calls the audition “brilliant.” Heidi has reservations, but says yes, along with the rest of the panel. 4 yeses

Sebastian & Sonia – Aerial duo

Sebastián Jiménez and Sonia Moreno met on Instagram. Aerialists, their goal is to headline their own show. Sebastian is from Colombia, Sonia is from Spain. They’ve been together for one year.

The two perform a romantic “couples” act, that involves silks. The two fly around the air, so high, they hit the big X’s close to the ceiling. THUD. Some of the moves are dangerous, but it’s not something fans of AGT haven’t seen before from aerial artists. The routine ends with Sonia falling from the silks into Sebastian’s arms.

Sofia calls the act sexy and flawless. Howie remarks “Our names are still swinging!” Heidi is shook! “So beautiful to watch.” Simon calls it beautiful and stunning and declares the duo a benchmark act. Eh. They were good, but not the best ever. 4 yeses.

Bboy Nana – Kid Bboy dancer

Nine year old Bboy dancer thrills the audience with his dance moves. But his time on the stage is montaged. – 4 yeses

Jollux – Beatboxer

Another contestant from Colombia. The young performer beat boxes, especially for fellow Colombian Sofia. Simon calls it unexpected – 4 yeses

Boss Baby Brody – Kid dancer

NBC previewed this audition last week. Check it out HERE. The eight year old performer explains that his mother inspired him to dance. Brody reveals that he auditioned for season 15, but his audition didn’t air. He wants to be on Broadway, eventually. He’s a surprisingly articulate kid.

He waves to the audience as he enters the stage. He describes the routine he’s about to perform as “jazzy.” It is, but it also incorporates tumbling and contemporary elements. He’s confident and charismatic as he dances to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” This kiddo has the potential to go far.

Heidi calls Brody “incredible.” Sofia compliments his style and confidence. She calls season 19 the season of “cool kids.” Simon can’t believe how fast his moves were. He compared Brody favorably to Freddie Mercury. Howie appreciates the way he uses the stage – 4 yeses

Attraction Juniors – Shadow dance group

The leader of the kid shadow dance group states that the routine took 6 months to develop. His father won Britain’s Got Talent a decade ago, which Simon obviously knows. Simon calls his dad’s group “seriously brilliant.”

I’m not a big fan of shadow dancers. The routines tend to be unbearably sentimental. Here it’s about teen mental health and finding confidence. The framing is creative, however. The routine ends with the group coming out of the shadows.

Howie liked the music and the staging “Everybody loved it.” Heidi says, “It was really unbelievable. You make the older ones proud.” Sofia says, “I’m blown away. All of you did such a great job.” Simon calls it cute and easy to follow. “Really, really good.” – 4 yeses

Erica Rhodes – Comedian

Erica describes bombing at her first open mic. It took her two years to try it again.

She follows with jokes about finding a husband, she quickly segues into a bit about thrift stores. Her jokes are OK, but feel dated. Her schtick is being slightly off center in a world of people who don’t get her.

Howie thinks she has the potential to become a well known comedian. “You’re brilliant, you’re relatable.” Heidi calls it a great audition. Sofia thinks she belongs on a sitcom. Simon related to her jokes. – 4 yeses

Menudo – The famous Puerto Rican boy band

Menudo was very famous among Latinos in the 70s 80s and 90s. The group kickstarted Ricky Martin’s career. Menudo lasted several decades, as members were replaced as they aged out. They’ve only recently started again after a long hiatus when a new guy bought the name. Simon has said he’s a little mad he didn’t own the name One Direction (although the original members are so beloved, they are irreplaceable, really).

The quintet sings in Spanish. They are very professional and well rehearsed. The harmonies are so perfect, they sound like tracks. Simon stops them in the middle. He thought there were issues with their vocals???? He wants another song. Is the new song better? Not really. Simon pulls stunts for dramatic effect. Again, they sound almost unreal.

Sofia thought the first song was off. She liked the second song. Heidi loves their look and sound. One of the members admits he doesn’t understand Spanish. That explains A LOT. No wonder they come off canned, emotionless. Howie was not wowed. I agree with him. But he thinks Nicholas, the little one, is a star. Simon advises them to be themselves, basically calling them too stage managed. He’s correct. Howie says no, the rest say yes. – 1 no 3 yeses

Connett Croghan – Comedian

Holy eyeliner! Interesting look. Calling himself a “rock n roll jump roper” he hopes to jump rope along side rock stars. He jumps around as the crowd boos and the judges buzz him. This is a waste of time. He strips off his shirt and dances around the stage before the 4th buzzer ends it mercifully. – 4 nos

Chris Wilson – Comedian/Magician

Howie is excited to learn that Chris is from Toronto. He’s been performing magic since middle school. His day job is working as a valet.

He’s not serious though, he breaks a balloon and then gives the audience the finger. He asks Howie who has already buzzed him, to be a volunteer, So his schtick is giving the finger and calling it magic. A photo of a comic bird hides the naughty. He is kind of absurdly funny.

Heidi didn’t like it. Neither did Howie. Sofia gives him the finger. Simon laughed during the routine, but still says no. – 4 nos

Young-Min – Illusionist

NBC previewed this audition earlier today. Young Min, a 31 year old Korean magician, works magic with sand. His act is very zen like as he creates objects and turns them back into sand. It’s not a flashy act, but it is somehow mesmerizing as he manipulates his media. Eventually, he creates a metal circle that he splits and spits sand.

Sofia calls the act different and dramatic. Heidi loved it calling it beautiful and calming. Howie compares him to great AGT magicians of the past. Simon, however, was expecting something extra. Nevertheless, he says yes – 4 yeses

Pranysqa Mishra – Kid singer – Heidi Klum’s 2nd Golden Buzzer

Nine year old singer has loved vocalizing all her life. She’s from Tampa Florida and has performed the National Anthem at Heat games. She’s a fan of old school singers like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

She sings Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High,” which is an interesting choice. Most 9 year olds likely have no idea. She has a big voice that still needs developed. But her personality is engaging. She imbures more soul and feeling into the performance than most kids her age would be capable of doing.

Heidi was not expecting that performance. Therefore, she’s cutting everyone else off to push the GOLDEN BUZZER. That’s Heidi’s second and final Golden Buzzer. They call the singer’s beloved grandmother to break the good news.

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