America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: Auditions Week 6 Live Blog

Kalina Moolina - America's Got Talent 2024
Pictured: Kalina Moolina — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: We’re live blogging Auditions Week 6

America’s Got Talent 2024 season 19 continues on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews as host. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

America’s Got Talent 2024 Spoilers Auditions 6 – Meet the Acts (Photos)

The new season will feature more Golden Buzzers than ever before, as each judge gets TWO buzzers and Terry can pick one. That’s a total of nine Golden Buzzers for the new season.

Full Steel Combat – Martial arts group

The group, from Texas, do their act in their spare time, but hope that AGT exposure allows them to do it full time. The trio fight dressed in medieval costumes using fake looking “weapons.” They get four buzzes quickly. Howie quips, “It’s like a slower Medieval Times but without the chicken!” – 4 nos

Super Silva Jr. – Trapeze performer

Super Silva Jr. is from Brazil and a family of Trapeze artists. He’s been performing for 15 years. His translator explains that he has had two bad accidents. “It can be fatal,” he says about his act, but “It is my life.” His goal is to take his family’s name as far as he can.

He climbs a rope to a trapeze set high in the air. There is no net or cushion beneath him as he performs death defying acrobatic feats on the trapeze. He swings through the air to catch another trapeze. He lands it, but first it appeared that he might not. That might be part of the act. He ends, hanging upside-down from short loops set in the ceiling, and one more flight through the air. Very thrilling!

Sofia calls it scary and exciting. Howie describes him as graceful and dangerous. “You have us on the edge of our seat,” says Heidi. Simon confesses he’s not a massive fan of his type of act. But he is impressed by Silva’s showmanship. – 4 yeses

Alex Sampson – Singer

NBC previewed this audition earlier today! Check it out HERE. Alex is really nervous. He’s afraid he’ll forget how to sing. It’s the biggest performance of his entire life, he says.

The singer comes from a small town in Ontario, Canada. He admits that he’s nervous. Simon quips that he likes Alex’s black t-shirt. He sings an original song titled “Pretty Baby.” He stumbles over his words saying he wrote if for Sofia. He is nervous. The 20 year old performs with a sweet pop tone. The song’s chorus throws back to heart throb songs from the 50s and 60s. It’s like something straight from the Grease soundtrack. He’s very earnest.

Simon is on his feet. Sofia calls the performance “beautiful.” Alex admits his legs are sharking, Heidi sensed his nerves, but she thinks it made the performance more authentic. Weirdly, Howie compares him to Peter Noone, the lead singer of the 60s British Invasion band, Herman’s Hermits. Simon loves the throwback to another era, and believes it’s a smart lane to choose – 4 yeses.

Espiritu – Hip-hop dance crew

The 50 member group of kids is lead by Kenneth Espiritu who wants to prove to his parents that his pursuit is worthy. Kenneth grew up around the corner from the Pasadena theater where AGT is filmed. The ages of the group range from 9-25. Kenneth, who directs and choreographs the work, is currently a college student.

They are energetic, and as a surprise, more members dance down the ailes to perform in front of the judges table. The group splits into mini-groups to perform, which is unique for these types of groups. They all end up on stage together by the end.

Heidi notes the crowd loved them. Sofia loves the energy, calling it “raw.” Howie thinks the group doesn’t meet the “dance bar.” He expects more. “I was a little bored.” However, Simon agrees with Heidi and Sofia. He loved the music. “Brilliant” he says. Howie says no. But the others say yes. “I have to agree that Howie is an idiot,” jokes Simon – 3 yeses, 1 no

Ridiculous Nicholas – Juggler

Goofy act that juggles pies while wearing a Howie Mandel picture mask does not even get namechecked on the show, but he did get a photo uploaded to the NBC press site, which is why we know who he is. His thing is juggling items with his mouth. He’s popular on social media, and has appeared on The Tonight Show. Nevertheless…. 4 nos

Ry The Healer – Healer

The 33 year old is a “sound healer” from Portland, Oregan. He’s hoping to “pluck negativity from their auras.” Alrighty then. He leads the crowd in a meditation while playing soothing music on a variety of instruments. Actually, this isn’t an AGT act, but it seems very relaxing.

The joke is Simon pretending to be asleep. “I liked it!” He says yes. but the rest of the group says no. 1 yes, 3 nos.

Kalina Moolina – Viral dancer

Why does this act exist? Her clips, which feature her dancing in a cow costume as she is here, go viral on social media. One video of her dancing from 2020 received 17.9 million views and 2.9 million likes.

She dances to “My Humps” while shaking her cow booty. She’s quickly buzzed. But the appearance will probably her social media numbers, which is undoubtedly the only reason she’s auditioning. Weirdly, Simon likes it and says yes. – 3 nos, 1 yes.

Missy Galore – Singer/instrumentalist

The shtick here is Simon liking weirdo acts that the rest of the panel hates. Missy dances around the stage, singing off key and waving around…I’m not sure what. “I actually liked that.” Simon said as he sings “Fluff the goodness” along with Missy. The rest buzz her – 3 nos, 1 yes

Ada Filppa – Hobbyhorse athlete

Ada, from Finland, wants to show the judges something they’ve never seen before! Before the show cuts to commercial break, she boasts that she’s No 1 in the world regarding her particular “talent.” The 23 year old is a competitive hobby horse rider, which is apparently a thing!

She grew up riding real horses, which the show leads the audience to believe is her talent. But then she takes the stage riding a hobby horse–a horse head on short stake. She jumps over hurdles. It’s a thing she could do without the toy? I don’t get it. She ends with a flub. Howie has seen this hobby horse stuff online, calling it a serious competition. Ada admits she’s a little nervous.

And once again, Simon liked it! But says no this time. “It’s only a head!” Howie says yes, Sofia, Heidi and Simon say NAY. – 1 yes, 3 nos

Reid Wilson – Singer – Howie’s SECOND Golden Buzzer

Fun fact: 14-year old Reid’s brother is The Voice season 23 semi finalist, Ryley Tate Wilson. Young Reid is wearing silver braces! The singer, from Alabama, does not mention his brother.

He’s been taking singing seriously for the past year. Surprising everybody, he sings “You Don’t Own Me” by Leslie Gore. I was NOT expecting that. If my back was turned, I’d guess Reid was an alto female. His voice has probably NOT changed yet. DON’T DO A PETER BRADY KID. Heh. Nevertheless, his phrasing and tone are interesting.

“What a gutsy little kid!” says Simon as he applauds. “We weren’t expecting that,” he says. Heidi calls him “incredible.” Sofia says, “It sounded spectacular. Simon asks who inspires him. “Aretha Franklin,” Reid answers. Howie was “bowled over.” That stage is where dreams come true! He says. AND HOWIE HITS HIS SECOND GOLDEN BUZZER!

Praveen Prajapat – Indian folk dancer

The Indian dancer explains that his act comes from an ancient tradition. He’s “super duper excited” to perform.

The act involves piling glasses and a jar on top of his head before striking what looks like a yoga pose. It’s odd, but definitely takes skill. Next, he makes the stack on his head even higher. The glasses hold water, making the feat even harder. Next, with the stack on his head, he stands on two glasses, clutching them with his toes as he walks. Crazy, as he stacks even more water filled glasses on his head. It’s a couple dozen glasses on his head, which he maintains while dancing around.

Howie says, “We’ve never seen anything like this before.” Heidi loves the taste of his beautiful country. “You are so handsome!” Sofia calls it “most amazing.” Simon wonders what he would do next? He promises he can balance EVEN MORE pots on his head next time. 100 pots! But Simon says no, as the crowd boos. However, the other three say yes. – 1 no, 3 yeses

B. Thompson – Saxophone player

Life has been hard for this Los Angeles based musician. He was all ready to the town before the AGT opportunity presented itself.

The 27 year old has been playing saxophone for 16 years. He’s self-taught. He plays soprano sax and loves Kenny G. He performs Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” It’s very well done smooth jazz. A little boring? But soothing.

Sofia calls the performance “sexy.” Howie can see it on the big stage. “I could have listened to you all day. Heidi liked it, but didn’t love it. Simon is torn. He’s not sure B. picked the right song. He suggests a better song next time, “more than that.” The audience boos. Nevertheless, B. gets four yeses. The crowd convinces Simon. – 4 yeses

Tyler Burke – Danger act

Tyler does dangerous acts with archery and more. He’s hoping to do stunt work in the film industry. Right now, he’s a lumberjack in California.

He also works with lighted whips, as he does here. But actually, the act is some kind of jake maybe, because his stunts are really stupid. Hm. What’s going on here?

Simon noted that only half the act worked. For some reason, the audience liked it. Things went wrong, apparently and it wasn’t part of the act. Weirdly, Sofia and Heidi give him another chance. Howie will say yes if he manages to pull off a trick that kept going wrong. He tries one more time and fails. Tyler is a Guinness world record holder, believe it or not. – 4 nos

Helen the Foot Juggler – Foot juggler

Helen is originally from Ethiopia, but lives in San Diego now. She’s a former gymnast who juggles with her feet. She learned the art in China. Helen’s young daughter is with her.

She begins by twirling fabric disks with her hands and feet, flipping and alternating them. Next, she tumbles and spins an end table with her feet. It’s quick! It’s deceptively easy looking! She balances the table on her foot with one leg while twirling the disk and a bunch of sparkly hula hoops.

The judges are on their feet. Sofia calls it fun and super-exciting. “People are going to love you.” Heidi calls it unique and crazy. Simon wants her to juggle pizza next. “You build it, I juggle it,” Helen declares. Howie says, “Your career is about to take off.” Simon thought he’d seen it all. – 4 yeses

Balloon Taro – Variety act

Taro, from Japan, performs with his son. It’s their first time in America. The translator explains that he performs for children, not crowds larger than 100. His son serves as an assistant.

Taro strips off down to skimpy underwear. He is very fit. His thing is crawling inside a large balloon and rolling around. It’s comedic–the kiddos probably love it. Sadly, the balloons keep popping. Simon, frustrated, buzzes him. He grabs an emergency balloon, and manages to complete his stunt. His son takes a mallet and doesn’t break the balloon exactly, but punches the air out of it.

Sofia had the best time watching the act. Heidi is laughing. “It was really entertaining.” Howie calls him funny and entertaining. Simon takes back his X saying “I might have done it a little early.” – 4 yeses

Next Tuesday is the FINAL audition episode, before AGT takes a two week break for the Summer Olympics. Only Sofia’s second Golden Buzzer remains.

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