America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: Auditions Week 4 Live Blog

Jo De Rijck - America's Got Talent 2024
Pictured: (l-r) Simon Cowell, Jo De Rijck — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: We’re live blogging Auditions Week 4

After one week off for the Olympic trials, America’s Got Talent 2024 season 19 continues on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews as host. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

America’s Got Talent 2024 Spoilers Auditions 4 – Meet the Acts (Photos)

The new season will feature more Golden Buzzers than ever before, as each judge gets TWO buzzers and Terry can pick one. That’s a total of nine Golden Buzzers for the new season.

Hypers Kids Africa – Dance crew

This African dance crew is full of energy. They hope to win and build their own school. Dressed in colorful costumes, the Ugandan outfit performs adorably. Certainly, not the best kid dance group to perform on AGT, but Hypers Kids Africa live up to their name. They are chaotic, but also full of charm.

Howie calls it “energetic” and “raw” and a “vital moment.” Heidi calls it “the perfect audition.” Sofia agrees, calling it “super fun.” Simon says, “You didn’t know what was going to happen next. Every person in this audience was feeling joy. That is so important.” Sofia tries to pull a Simon “I’m not sure…I’m completely sure!” – 4 yeses

Flewnt and Inkabee – Father/son rapping duo

Dad was a 16 year old father. “We grew up together,” he says of raising his son. The two are from Australia and are first nation. His grandfather gave the song\, Inkabee, his name. Flewnt works in detention centers for young indigenous people.

They perform “We That Good,” an original song. The kid is the real star. So young, yet he spits without missing a beat. They even sing the chorus. The 11 year old gets his own solo. This is the type of act Simon loves. And indeed, he’s on his feet along with the other judges.

“You are that good!” says Simon. Howie calls Inkabee a superstar. Heidi calls Inkabee “cool” She says, “I loved it. Sofia says, “You were born to do this. I think you guys are going to go really far in this competition. Simon calls the performance a “moment” and Inkabee “cool.” He adds later that Nike should hire him for a commercial. – 4 yeses

Venom Trick Shots – Pool trick shooters

Florian Kohler is the world-champion pool trick shooter. Heidi wonders how trick shooting can be interesting. He is really good. But Heidi has a point. Speaking of which, he calls Heidi to the stage. He asks her to lay on the table. He hits a ball that curves all the way around her head. But Simon is still bored, and buzzes him off.

Florian asks Terry and Howie to come on stage. He hits balls into sports shoes held between their legs. And that’s the act! Sofia didn’t like the presentation “We were not looking at your balls.” He has over a billion views on social media. Howie says no, Heidi says yes, Simon says no, and Sofia, who also buzzed, says no. 3 nos 1 yes

Emotional Brainwaves – Drone Act

Massimo, claims to be a scientist who can connect to things with his brain waves. He sets a drone flying around the stage and appears to control it with his hand. But who is to say it’s not a trick? The audience boos him. Howie and Heidi buzz him. Simon says, “That was a little bit small.” He compares his act to a toy demonstration.

Daniel Simu – Circus performer

Daniel is a circus performer who built a robot to perform with. Man and robot begin dancing together. He balances the contraption on his head. Heidi buzzes him. He’s mildly more entertaining than the Emotional Brainwaves dude. The act is clever in spots, but eh. The rest of the judges are on their feet. Heidi appears to disagree.

Heidi says it reminds her of trying to put her kids’ stroller together. Sofia calls it fun. Simon says he started to believe the robot was human and calls the act hilarious. He wants to go further. He wants more robots on stage. Howie can’t wait to see more. 3 yeses 1 no.

Stephanie Rainey – Singer-songwriter

Stephanie Rainey is 36 and an Irish singer-songwriter. She’s had a “roller coaster career.” She’s gone viral on social media, got signed and then dropped before she released an album. She sings the song “Please Don’t Go” which she wrote after her nephew passed away.

It’s a pretty and emotional song. Maybe lightning will strike twice for her. She’s lost in song by the end as her voice trembles. Sofia wipes away a tear. The audience takes a minute to erupt into applause. (Or maybe that’s production magic)

Sofia calls it heartfelt. Howie calls the performance relatable. Heidi compliments her voice and calls it a special moment. Simon calls the song the best new song on the show so far. “I absolutely loved this.” He joins her on stage to say “that was a moment.” 4 yeses

DaksDominoes – Chain reaction dominoes

Twin 23 year olds are from Sioux City, Iowa and work in marketing. Watching AGT growing up inspired them. They’ve set two world records in the world of dominos. Terry enters the stage to say that it will take all night to build their set up. He literally tells everyone to go home and come back the next day (hm…probably not the same audience.). Apparently, if the set up isn’t perfect, the act won’t work.

As the audience enters the next day, Terry whispers and asks them NOT to clap and to be QUIET or the dominoes could be ruined! Ninety percent of this act is the set up. But uh oh, it looks like something went wrong before the show cuts to a commercial. Oh, but it turns out that a few plastic cups fell. A quick fix. Then, after a countdown, Howie pushes the first domino. Miraculously, they all fall and it ends with confetti.

If they come back, the guys want to break a record. Sofia calls it “something special.” Heidi isn’t super excited. “Maybe for young kids. This isn’t a million dollar act.” Simon likes that we’ve never seen an acts like this before. Heidi changes her vote after the crowd urges her. – 4 yeses

Maya Neelakantan – Kid guitarist

NBC previewed this audition earlier today. Watch and read HERE. Maya is only 10 years old, but she looks older. She’s from a town in India. She’s been playing guitar since she was six. Her dad plays guitar for fun. He taught her. AGT is the first time she’s performed on stage.

She begins the performance with some Indian-flavored licks before launching into a blistering cover of Tool’s “Last Resort.” The kid has skillz.

Howie says she picked up a viral moment. Heidi calls her gutsy, Simon confesses that his guitar teacher fired him when he tried to learn at her age. “We weren’t expecting this,” he adds. He calls Maya a “rock goddess.” – 4 yeses

CPA Girona – Roller Skating group

Female roller skating group from Spain are former world champions. They combine dance moves with roller skating. The group performs lifts while skating across the stage. A few of the moves are dangerous, as they jump over skaters and toss them around the stage.

Heidi compares them to the Rockettes. Howie watches roller skating online (???) and says the act doesn’t cut the mustard compared to their competition. Simon liked the first half, the second half not so much. Simon and Howie say no, so it’s a no. They deserved a shot, and would have probably stepped it up in subsequent rounds. – 2 nos, 2 yeses

Jo De Rijck – Magician

Jo De brings his “emotional support chicken” as part of his act. “She can do mind reading.” OK then. He brings the chicken up to the judges panel. She drops an egg in Howie’s hand. Then, the judges write their biggest fears on note cards and the chicken attempts to pick out the correct card. After successfully picking Simon’s card, the chicken picks the Sofia’s “Dark Oceans” while the cards are turned face down. And in Howie’s egg? His fear “drowning.” Pretty clever!

Heidi thinks the chicken needs to be famous. “I love the chicken,” says Sofia. Simon calls the act “original.” 4 yeses

L6 – Family singing group

NBC previewed this act last week. Watch HERE. The group, made up of siblings and one niece traveled to America from the Philippines. They explain that their mother recently passed away and always wanted them to compete on AGT.

Simon pulls out one of his tropes–stopping an audition mid act. The audience begins to boo. In this case, Simon hated the track behind their cover “All By Myself.” He asks them to sing a’cappella. He thinks they have the potential to be a great a’cappella group. The singers regroup, and perform as if they practiced it without music (they probably had). The harmonies are pretty. The lead male singer has an interesting raspy voice. The females oversing, but it seems to please the crowd.

Simon calls them a “great singing group.” He adds, “You absolutely nailed that.” Sofia says, “The boss is always right. People are going to love you.” Heidi felt all the voices were important. “You took it as a champ,” she said of Simon’s twist. Howie calls the a’cappella performance “brilliant.” The group cries in unison. – 4 yeses

Brent Street – Dancers – Howie’s 1st Golden Buzzer

17 year old Zach from Sydney Australia takes the stage. But surprise! The lights go down. When they come back up, Zach performs with many dancers, using a shroud as a prop. The lights come up fully. It’s group of dancers. The choreography is creative and precise. The performance ends with lead dancer Zach jumping off the stage.

Heidi calls the dance “exciting” and “entertaining.” Sofia loves the dancing. “That was for sure the coolest thing I’ve seen today.” Simon calls the routine “well thought out and creative.” Howie left his chair to hide under the desk…and pop up to hit the Golden Buzzer! The group will automatically advance to the live shows.

Golden Buzzers: Terry used his one Golden Buzzer during week 1. Simon used his two buzzers during week 2. Now, Sofia, Heidi and Howie have each used one of their two buzzers.

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