Loren Lott – American Idol Top 24 Season 14 – 2015

Loren Lott - American Idol Top 24 - Season 14 (2015)

Loren Lott: Meet the American Idol Top 24 Season 14

Loren Sharice Lott is a dancer, actress, model and singer from Atlanta who says her dream in life is to play Nala in The Lion King Live.

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Compared to many of the other contestants who have advanced to the top 24 of American Idol this season, Loren has quite an impressive resume that encompasses multiple fields. According to her IMDB, Loren has stared in a film, TV series and short films from 2008 to 2014, such as Far From The Alter, The Game and more. In addition to acting, Loren models and is a member of the East Coast Talent Agency. In terms of her singing, according to her Facebook, Loren enjoys performing opera, classic and pop songs.

Loren used to often update her youtube account, and there she mostly performed modern pop songs. In one of her videos in particular, Loren performed in the streets of her college for spending money, and after only performing a few songs amassed thirty dollars and the attention of everyone who passed by her! Loren is the owner of a very powerful belting voice, and if you are a fan, you are in luck because she made the top 24 of American Idol!

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Overall Thoughts: I really like Loren! I think that going into this season, with just what I’ve seen from Youtube, Loren has the biggest belting voice. With such a strong voice, I think it can carry her far in the competition, but in the long run, I think she lacks a little originality, and that will be her downfall. Will she make the top 13? Probably. Do I see her winning? No, I see her going to the top 5 at most; eventually I think people will lose interest in her. Please prove me wrong though Loren!

Song Suggestions:

  • Georgia On My Mind, by Ray Charles
  • Thank You, by Dido

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