Sarina-Joi Crowe – American Idol Top 24 Season 14 – 2015

Sarina Joi Crowe - American Idol 14 Top 24 (2015)

Sarina-Joi Crowe: Meet the American Idol Top 24 Season 14

Sarina-Joi Crowe and American Idol have a bit of history together….. actually, make that a lot of history.

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In 2011 Sarina auditioned for American Idol for the first time. After scoring her golden ticket and advancing to Hollywood Week, Sarina was showcased for the first time performing with the group The Minors, which also included eventual Idol finalist Deandre Brackensick.

It is not shown when, but Sarina was cut before the top 24 of that season. After taking a year off, Sarina returned to Idol in 2013, where she again received a golden ticket and advanced to hollywood week. Sarina was not showcased at all that season, and did not advance to the top 40.

In 2014, Sarina again auditioned for idol, but this time, she was showcased a few times, such as her hollywood group performance (along with David Willis and Tony Foster). Unfortunately, in season 13 Sarina was cut at the green mile round, but not before impressing the judges with her final performance of Wrecking Ball.

Regardless, no matter how upset she must have been to be cut those three times, she must have been absolutely elated when she found out she will be a member of Season 14’s top 24.

In addition to her experiences with idol, Sarina has been up to a few other projects. Sarina recently released her first single independently, titled “Hold On Me”, which you can check out on Itunes.

Also, Sarina often posts covers on her Youtube channel, which I highly recommend you check out. Sarina is definitely a pre-show favorite of many going into this season. Keep an eye on her everyone, Sarina is going to be making waves this season.

Links: TwitterYouTubeFacebookSarina in Season 10Sarina in Season 12 – Sarina in Season 13: Group SoloSarina’s Season 14 Audition

Overall Thoughts: I will riot in the streets if Sarina does not advance to the top 13. Sarina has been one of my favorites for seasons now, and finally I can say that this will be her year. Now that she has advanced and made the top 24, nothing is holding her back. I see her making the top five at the LEAST. Currently, she is in my personal top 3. Go team #JoiRiders!!!!!

Song Suggestions:

1) Spotlight, by Jennifer Hudson. This song+Sarina’s voice=moment. The end.
2) Take A Bow, by Rihanna. This could not only be an epic vocal showcase, but also show how marketable Sarina is.

Watch Sarina-Joi Crowe sing “Love Runs Out” by One Republic at her Nashville Audition

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