American Idol 15 Hollywood Week #1 Recap and VIDEOS

American Idol 2016 Recap Hollywood Week #1: Contestants getting ready to perform in the ÒHollywood Round #1Ó episode of AMERICAN IDOL Cr: Michael Becker / FOX.

American Idol 2016 Recap Hollywood Week #1

It’s time! Hollywood Week ever commences tonight. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. will winnow down 200+ 190 contestants to a Top 51 by the end of the gruelling week. The very last “Hell Week” airs three nights beginning tonight. Join us as we live blog all of the usual DRAMA Hollywood Week brings.

Host, Ryan Seacrest fixing his tie in the mirror. Perfect! As he walks to the stage, he outlines the 3 stages of American Idol Step 1. The Audition. Step 2. Earn a Golden Ticket. And Step 3. SURVIVE HOLLYWOOD WEEK. Crying, cranky judges and ONE DIRECTION! That’s what we can anticipate in the next several episodes.

American Idol 15 Top 24 SPOILERS

We see hopefuls packing for Hollywood as Harry describes how Youtube, and other competition shows (The Voice AHEM) have cut into Idol’s dominance. It fuelled the team to search even farther and wider to find the BEST 190 SINGERS to compete in Hollywood, and become a part of the Season 15 Top 40 (Well…it’s 51 actually). It’s all part of the quest to find AMERICA’S NEXT SUPERSTAR. Season 1 Tagline forever. Interesting that Idol would even touch why the show’s ratings have been in a freefall the past few years.

At the Dolby theater, where the singers are assembled on Day 1, judge Keith Urban tells them it’s about to get tough. Harry Connick Jr. warns half the competitors will go home the first day.  Here’s how it will work. The singers come out on stage in groups of 10 to sing. After each one performs, the judges make their cuts.  It’s the typical Hollywood protocol.

We’ll hear the phrase “Lines of Ten” throughout the broadcast. Indeed, it is the subtitle of the episode. FYI: Original auditions are linked to the names of each of tonight’s singers! Just in case you need a refresher.

Jordan Sasser – He insists that his wife has gotten over the disappointment of being cut during the auditions. She’s rooting for him, he promises. Jordan sings “Shoulda Been Us,” by Tori Kelly.  He’s totally a male diva. In fact, he was inspired so many years ago to audition for Idol by Kelly Clarkson.

Dalton Rapattoni and Green Haired Girl have known each other for years. Fun Fact. Dalton sings “California Dreaming.” Eh. I’m still not overly impressed by this singer. Jaci Butler the Green Haired Girl, continues to be tunelessly loud. Girlfriend needs a band. She sings “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy.

Jordan Sasser, Dalton Rapattoni and Jaci Butler are ALL through to the next round.

Jenn Blosil – Her brother gave her the nickname “J Blo” when they were kids, which she repeats as if it were cool. UHMMMM. Really?  Thomas Stringfellow and Olivia Rox  are both in Jenn’s line.  Jenn, Thomas and Olivia are through to the next round.

Flashback to San Francisco auditions. The judges gush about the female talent. There are SO MANY girls at Hollywood week, is the point.

Jessica Cabral sings “Photograph” in her own special way. It’s fabulous. Melanie Tierce is next. She sang “Rise Up” at her audition. Harry remembers walking out of the room, he was so blown away. This time sings “Invincible” by Kelly Clarkson.  Also in the line, is Sonika Vaid, the gal Harry predicted could win. Sonika hopes she stands out to the judges.

Melanie Tierce is eliminated! She was kind of pitchy. She’s disappointed. After her audition, her hopes had risen. Jessica and Sonika are through.

LaPorsha Renae’s daughter is in the audience. She sings “Roar” and its real good. Interesting song choice. Jlo wanted her to let loose more. No, actually I’m with Harry. That was the right balance of strength and restraint. I’m not crazy about that billowy orange thing she’s wearing. Or the hoop earrings with actual house keys dangling from them. But it’s the voice that matters. Of course, LaPorsha is through.

Mikey, Mary Desmond, and some other singers who were sent home immediately after blowing it are montaged.

Harrison Cohen performs with his guitar. Nice job. He needs to NOT consult “foxy grandpa.” It’s pretty annoying. Next is Daniel Farmer, the dude that practiced his dance moves for Jlo. He’s telling Manny Torres (last Idol audition EVAH) to forget about Jlo. He’s got this. Hmm…

Daniel sings “Treasure.” His voice breaks at one point, but otherwise his vocal is smooth and soulful. Manny plays guitar, he’s got great timing and tone. Very musical. Now, if the show wants these guys to impress, they have to stop with the douchebag edit.

Manny and Daniel are through. Harrison goes home to grandpa.

Lee Jean (young African American singer/songwriter), Melany Huber (cancer girl), Shelbie Z (The Voice finalist) all perform assuredly. Lee Jean and Shelbie Z are through. Melany’s journey ends.

Day 2

Jeneve Rose Mitchell – She’s off the grid girl with the cello and the cowboy hat. Ryan has made friends with her hardy parents, who are surely enjoying the amenities. He pushes into a seat next to them.The cello is back. Jeneve sings “Boondocks.” The cello isn’t as effective here. In fact, the performance sounded off to me. Jeneve is through, though.

Safe contestants are off touring Hollywood. OMG THEY SEE ONE DIRECTION SOUNDCHECKING FOR JIMMY KIMMEL SQUEE. Jimmy meets Ryan on the street. “I hope its the best season yet!” he says.

Gianna Isabella – 80’s pop star, Brenda K Starr, hovers over her daughter like a mama hen. They had some disagreements about her performance. Gianna won. She sings “One Night Only.” The last note was off. Still, she’s a strong singer.

Tristan McIntosh is next. Her military mom made a surprise appearance at the singer’s audition. TEARS ALL AROUND. The army Major is in the house for her daughter’s tough Hollywood audition. Tristan sings “Something in the Water.” and kills it! Wow, this girl can sang.

Gianna and Tristan both make it through. But first, they had Gianna in another line and told her to step back. Mean.

A tale of two moms. Like night and day. Brenda hovers, frets and micromanages. The Major lends her support, but trusts her daughter’s instincts. I wonder if we’re being set up for an arc later in the week.

A montage of some old favorites, including Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, Lee DeWyze (and his beanie!), Adam Lambert, Taylor Hicks,  Caleb Johnson, Candice Glover, Phillip Phillips, Nick Fradiani, Kellie Pickler, Scotty McCreery, Colton Dixon, Carrie Underwood,   YAY. There’s a winners wall. When faced with Idol’s storied past, the singers are so IMPRESSED…

…Which is a segue to two young singers who have watched American Idol all of their lives. Krysti Jewel has the Idol superfan parents. Michele Marie has spent her life dreaming about competing on Idol.  Michelle announces that it’s Krysti’s 16th birthday. Aw.

Michelle sings “Dibs” by Kelsea Ballerina.  This is where Carrie Underwood got her shot, she says in voiceover. Michelle is a green singer, with obvious potential. Krysti performs “Rock Steady.” It’s a little shouty and devoid of emotion. Watch those top notes. Big voice on that girl though. Her super fan dad is crying in the audience.

Michelle Makes it through. Krysti does not. Poor super-fan parents. The dream is over. Dang. She was cut on her birthday. Harsh. Meanwhile, Michelle celebrates her face off.

Cut from the lines: Kerry Courtney (intense singer, mom died), Brooke Sample (goofy shtick), Usen Isong, Reanna Molinaro (the cop), Ethan Kuntz (young blues singer), Jake Dillon (young father).

Trent Harmon is next. He just learned from his doctor, that he has mononucleosis. The doc said he should rest or go home early. But this is the most important moment of his career. As they say, THE SHOW MOST GO ON, despite a fever and chills. Like a trooper, he rallies to impress the judges with “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith.

Poh Scott is next. Big sister Shi, season 14 contestant, is in the auditorium watching. Poh sings a song her sis sang, “Stay.” Shi cries. Next, it’s Emily Brooke. She was cut before the Top 24 last season. Now she’s back! She sings “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart” by Cassadee Pope. She loves her some The Voice alum!

FAKE OUT. Jlo declares a row through to the next round. But it turns out–BOTH rows are through! MEAN. For a minute, Trent believed he was cut. CELEBRATIONS YAY.

TIME TO GET READY FOR GROUPS. LET THE DRAMA BEGIN!!! Considering tonight was short, and relatively drama free. I mean, where the contestants throwing tantrums and/or begging after being cut? That’s classic American Idol right there.

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