Kerry Courtney – 24 – St. Petersburg FL – Black Sun by Death Cab for Cutie – More jamming with Taylor Hicks. He’s having so much fun with the contestants. Kerry was homeschooled by his mom. They were close. But when he was 19, he learned she had cancer. After she died, he was devastated. It was the “hardest and darkest” thing he ever experienced. He felt emotions he’d never had before. His artistry has been shaped by her death. And, indeed, he’s not a great singer, but his delivery is SO intense, it’s hard to look away.  A lot of passion is packed into that performance–to the point of being a little deranged and scary. Dude is working something out, right here. “What I heard was an interesting piece of art,” observes Harry. Jlo doesn’t know how America will respond to that. They might be scared, she thinks. Keith loved his “unusual” voice. Harry makes him guess the votes. Harry and Keith yes. Jlo maybe. But, it’s 3 yesses.

American Idol 15 Auditions #1 Recap