American Idol 2024 Auditions 2 Recap: Season 22 Continues!

American Idol 2024 - Noah Peters, Colin Stough
(Disney/Eric McCandless) NOAH PETERS

American Idol season 22 continues tonight for a second week with auditions from the judges hometowns Leesburg, Georgia (Luke), Tuskegee, Alabama (Lionel) and Santa Barbara, California (Katy) plus Los Angeles and Nashville. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest will introduce a new crop young hopefuls. Who will snag that golden ticket to Hollywood? Or better yet, will a hopeful earn one of THREE Platinum Tickets?

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Hailey Mia – 16 – Rise by Katy Perry

Hailey is the first audition of the night and takes place in Katy’s hometown Santa Barbara. When the 16 year old singer was only 13, she competed on The Voice and finished on Team Kelly Clarkson in the Top 4. She was a fan-favorite that year.

She was a little under-baked at the time, but has grown much in three years. She sings Katy’s song “Rise,” with a vocal prowess Katy herself doesn’t possess. She can hardly believe the young singer’s talent.

“We rose!” said Katy, calling her performance “Inspirational! Full body chills, even in places where I’ve been botoxed!” Luke calls it his favorite so far and dubs her “Top 10.” Lionel says Hailey made the song song like her own. 3 yeses.

Dawson Slade – 17 – I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

Dawson is from Moulton, Alabama. At only 17 years old, he works in Tennessee and is a full time dad to Stetson. His son and mom attended the audition with him. As he sings, Dawson’s mom bottle feeds Stetson outside. Dawson accompanies himself on guitar. He’s a solid singer for a teen, but needs to work on his pitch and phrasing.

Luke compliments his guitar playing. Katy compliments him, but asks for more of an “attack.” Lionel believes Dawson needs more time. He says no for now. Luke hears “songwriter vibes” but not artist vibes yet. He asks Dawson to sing another song. He performs “Something Else Will” by Justin Moore. They ask for the chorus. Katy coaches him through it. She tries to break him out of his laconic style. “You have those levels, you need to use them,” she says. Katy says yes, and so does Luke. – 1 no, 2 yeses

When Dawson’s mom comes into the room, she blows away the room with her Katy Perry doppelganger vibes. Katy hopes to look that good when she’s a grandmother.

Nya – 27 – Wait a Minute by Willow Smith

ABC posted a preview of Nya’s audition HERE. She describes herself as a “superstar” and a Broadway performer. She played Molly inside the Iceberg in the Titanique musical.

The judges are instantly skeptical of Broadway singers. But Nya allays their concerns pretty quick. She performs in a jazzy pop style, with a big rangy voice. Aside from a few pitchy moments, she’s a compelling and charismatic performer.

Luke calls her one of his favorites so far, “You don’t sound Broadway. You are a massive singer.” Lionel calls her control effortless and thinks she has the “goods” to go all the way. Katy jokes that she needs a fan to blow her hair. A crew member brings out a little office fan. Nya sings a little more while Katy crouches and blows her hair here and there. The judges make bad DeNYA puns while they deliver her 3 yeses.

Colescott Rubin – 27 – My Peanut Butter Baby (Original)

Colescott enters the room on a unicycle playing a standup bass. He’s talented and amusing and he sings through his cheeky original song with his brother on trumpet. He describes himself as a “circus performer.” His old timey vibe would fit right in with Scott Bradlee and his Postmodern Jukebox band.

“It’s a no for Idol but yes for life,” declares Katy – 3 nos.

That nutty little interlude seques into a segment from Luke’s hometown in Georgia. He takes the judges to the peanut farm where he worked as a kid. Hijinks ensue! Including time with Luke’s dad.

Roman Collins – 24 – Living for the City by Stevie Wonder

Roman is a worship leader and musician. He also cleans cars He has a hard time making ends meet in Long Beach. The judges chat about their first jobs before Roman launches into a raspy and soulful version of the Stevie Wonder classic “Living for the City.” He adds enough twists to his rendition to make it his own. He turns the song into a church revival style rave, as he claps his hands. He’s a natural

Katy is impressed by his surprising range. Luke likes his voice and LOVES his vibe. Lionel calls him a “light and a vibe.” All 3 judges say yes. Katy suggests that he show different sides of his talent aside from that of church singer. – 3 yeses

A trio of NOS

Derric Gobourne Jr. is all flash as he shows off his dance moves, but vocally doesn’t bring it. Glam rocker Johnny Majestic is bad in the way original flavah Idol joke contestants were bad. You can imagine Randy Jackson saying “It’s a no from me, dawg.” Most promising was 16 year old Shriya Jha who showed off her black belt skills, involving splitting a wood blockl for the panel. While she had talent, the judges didn’t think she was quite there yet. She’s the kind of singer who could return and finally get a yes.

Noah Peters – 24 – Broken Halos with Colin Stough!

ABC previewed this audition over the weekend. Check it out HERE. Noah is the only barber in his small Tennessee town. He’s known around town and on social media as “The Singing Barber.” A video of him singing “Country Girl (Shake It For Me) with a young customer went viral.

First, he sings a Rascal Flatts tune, “Don’t Let Go,” before Katy introduces a bit. She suggests he sing and actually cut hair during his audition. She jokes that Noah should shave Lionel’s head. Next, season 21 country singer Colin Stough walks in the room. Colin requests a “little bit off the ends.” Noah looks intimidated, saying “This is crazy.”

They sing Chris Stapleton’s “Broken Halos” together. There isn’t much in the way of hair cutting, but their voices blend nicely in unison. Colin has gorgeous hair, by the way! He jokes that he has shows this weekend and needs Noah to finish his haircut. Katy thought his second song was freer than the first. “Don’t overthink it,” she suggests, “It’s going to need some layers, some chippity chop!” Lionel advises that he stay true to his lane. 3 yeses.

Not divulged this time–Noah’s wife Kailee died of cancer at the age of 33 in 2020. She encouraged him to open his own barber shop.

Emmy Russell – 24 – Skinny (Original)

Emmy reveals that her grandmother is the late Loretta Lynn. She used to travel with her on the road. Emmy gives a tour of Loretta’s home in Tennessee. She admits to being timid living in her grandmother’s shadow.

Emmy is a songwriter and she performs her own song “Skinny” about battling an eating disorder. Her mom–who looks a lot like grandma–waits outside the audition room. Emmy IS NOT a traditional country singer. She’s a pop stylist and singer-songwriter type. Her tone is beautiful.

Katy calls her an A plus songwriter and totally different from Loretta. Katy encourages her to come out of her shell. Lionel believes she has promise. he tells her to put grandma’s shoes back in the closet. All three judges say yes. Afterward, the shy singer bursts into tears – 3 yeses

Ziggy – 22 – Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

Ziggy is from the Netherlands and has competed in many singing and reality competitions including the Dutch version of American Idol where he made it to 7th place and The Voice of Holland. He’s well known in his home country, but is a polarizing figure there. He’s mocked and is not taken seriously.

He’s flamboyant and sports 2 tone hair, but he can sing, In front of the judges he delivers a tender version of “Million Reasons” without any of the expected shtick. He strips his voice back, singing earnestly, building an emotional story and employing great range. He puts his whole body into the performance.

The panel gives him a standing ovation. Katy basically tells him to blow off the haters. At this point, he doesn’t have any family. Sad. “God gave you a gift,” says Lionel. Luke admits that he is more accepting after judgings seven years of American Idol. Before he would have dismissed a singer like Ziggy. But now he wants to see what he does next. Interesting. Lionel promises to raise Ziggy up. – 3 yeses

We’re back in Tuskegee, Alabama, home of Lionel Richie. He built a park in town. The judges helped him break ground and plant trees dedicated to each of the judges.

Justice Murphy – 21 – Summertime by Billie Holiday

Justice attended Alabama State University and was raised in church. She is singing “Summertime” but attributes the song’s origins to season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino. Well…the original singer was Billie Holiday actually. Vocally, Justice nods to Fantasia’s version, but adds her own touches. Her voice is sturdy and strong featuring a raspy range.

Katy remarks that Justice has “star personality.” She compliments her range, but notes her “jazz hands.” Regardless, Katy feels the singer has all the “fundamental things.” Luke thought she was great–no notes! Lionel calls her poised and confident. He agrees she could dial back the runs. But he still loved what she did. 3 yeses.

KB – 20 – Something in the Orange by Zach Bryan

KB Richens is from a small town in Utah. She grew up watching American Idol. Her dad, who is with her today, helped her go viral on social media. KB deals with a thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s. Regulating emotions can be hard. She’s been suicidal at times. Singing was an outlet. Dad posted a video of KB singing in the car. Now she has more than a million followers.

Employing an affecting rasp-tinged cry, KB’s full voice is emotional and raw featuring excellent intonation and phrasing. She’s passionate without seeming to try too hard.

She gave Luke chills. “You just have it. Great job.” Katie calls her tone “unique.” She looks forward to coaching her. Lionel felt she told a story and made the song her own – 3 yeses

Jon Lindsley and Trey Lindsley – Shout Pts 1 and 2 by The Isaly Brothers

The brothers get up and jump around the seal like somebody’s drunk uncle as they hammily perform the early 60s hit “Shout.” The two are probably fun at bars and weddings, but obviously not meant for Idol. Katy gets out of her seat and dances along. 3 nos

Abby Blake – 25 – What About Us by P!nk

Abby is originally from Minnesota but currently lives in Nashville. She’s brought a friend named Sam with her to accompany her on piano. He shares that he plays in a band named Kayko.

She performs with a beautiful tone. She’s a little pitchy here and there, but her whole vibe is promising. Luke thinks she nailed it. Lionel says that her vibe has “an edge” that he likes. Katy thought she needed to draw out some lines. She says no. Which is weird! Abby’s style was a tad generic, but she’s a solid vocalist with room to grow. But no matter, Luke and Lionel say yes – 1 no 2 yeses

Sam ‘Kayko’ Kelly-Cohen – 23 – Time of Your Life (Original).

Oh dang. When Katy finds out that Sam is a lead singer, she wants to hear something. He performs an original, and it’s really great. He’s better than his friend. He has a unique sound and a unique style that allows his personality to shine through. Abby sings a few backups for him. The judges are like HEY COME TO HOLLYWOOD. He’s really surprised. Gobsmacked, actually. Why didn’t he audition to begin with? A set up maybe? – 3 yeses

OH LUCKY CHARMS IS AN AMERICAN IDOL SPONSOR. Magic rainbows, pink hearts or whatever!

Abi Carter – 21 – What Was I Made For? by Billie Eilish (Platinum TIcket)

Abi is the second oldest of a very religious family. Her mother wound up raising them all as a single parent. Abi dreamed of auditioning for Idol all her life. Her musicality shines through in her beautiful piano playing. She can sing too. She adds her own colors to the song, despite sounding similar to Billie. She brings emotion and an open ended rawness to her performance. She embodies the song’s protagonist–a young woman truly wondering where she belongs in the world. She is a skilled story teller.

Abi’s family waits outside while the room gives the singer a round of applause. Katy thanks her for being an example of singing from her heart. Luke thinks he found THE WINNER OF AMERICAN IDOL perhaps. Lionel calls Abi a “superstar” and “the best he’s ever heard.” The family rushes in to celebrate.

Later, in Palm Springs (the family lives in Indio) Abi busks in the street. Her family attends. The judges beam in onto a big screen to present Abi with the second of three available PLATINUM TICKETS.

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