American Idol: Abi Carter Earns Platinum Ticket with Billie Eilish Cover (Video)

(Disney/Eric McCandless) ABI CARTER

American Idol 2024 Audition: Abi Carter earns Platinum Ticket, judges think she could win it all

Sunday night, American Idol Season 22 auditions continued, and the talent kept firing on all cylinders. The judges even described one hopeful who earned a platinum ticket, “the best they’ve ever heard”. Yes, it may be a hyperbole, but Abi Carter, the singer earning the praise is very good.

Abi is a 21-year-old singer from Indio, California (the home of Coachella), and she is the final hopeful of the episode, as well as the final audition of her audition day. When Abi shared that she attended the Stagecoach festival this past year, Katy Perry mentioned that Luke Bryan performed. As the judges joked with Abi about not attending his show, she revealed a logical reason. Luke didn’t play the day she attended.

Abi grew up religious, has six siblings, and is second oldest of the seven children. She was raised by a single mom. Abi has been a fan of the show her whole life, she stated, and has waited for the moment when she could audition.

“That may be the winner of American Idol”

Before Abi sang “What Was I Made For” by Billie Eilish which is from the Barbie movie (the highest grossing movie of 2023), Katy blurted out, “I love that song” and hoped that Abi would do it justice. Accompanying herself on piano, her voice was magical from the start. She elevated the song by showcasing her range and by making slight changes to the melody. Her voice has an angst to it reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite American Idol contestants, season 12 third place finisher, Angie Miller. Abi’s emotive style may not be for everyone, as some of rangier notes are on the verge of being sharp, but I believe that’s a stylistic choice which makes her vocals all the more effective. She hits some climatic notes as she also shows great ability to sing runs.

Her family listened on, looking so proud, with her brother peeking underneath the door. Her mom exclaimed, “they’re clapping!” as all three judges stood and applauded. The crew even clapped! Lionel Richie declared, “we don’t have to vote.” Katy approached a teary-eyed Abi, saying, “thank you for being an example of singing from your heart. What were you made for? You were made for this.” Luke muttered to Lionel, “that may be the winner of American Idol” and Lionel agreed. Katy thinks she’s top 10. Luke added, “I’ve never heard the crew clap.” Lionel called Abi a “superstar,” as her family ran in and joined in on the glorious moment. The judges called her the “best they’ve ever heard.” This is an exaggeration, but Abi is very good and is sure to go far in the competition.

American Idol 2024 - KATY PERRY, ABI CARTER
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KATY PERRY, ABI CARTER

Abi earns the second of three Platinum Tickets

One week after her audition, the clip revealed, while Abi performed on the streets of Palm Springs, she received a video call from Katy letting her know that the show upgraded her golden ticket to a platinum ticket. A well-deserved honor.

The talent was strong on night two, featuring a few others who were standouts. KB Richins’ raspy tone shined on “Something In The Orange,” former The Voice contestant, Hailey Mia, did Katy Perry’s “Rise” justice with powerful vocals, and Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter, Emmy Russell’s songwriting and unique tone shined on her original “Skinny.” Honorable mentions also go to Justice Murphy who showcased great vocals on “Summertime” and surprise auditioner Kayko as he showcased artistry through an original.

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