American Idol 2016 San Francisco (Bus) Audition – Poh Scott – Fairytale – VIDEO

Poh Scott – Fairytale by Sara Bareilles – Oh. Her sister was that crazy, but entertaining chick, Shi Scott from last season who didn’t make it out of the Top 24. Poh is younger. They are close after a rather chaotic childhood. Poh is named after her “favorite teletubby.” Shi is outside in the holding room crying. Would we expect anything less? Poh is a descent vocalist. Kind of screamy and raspy like big sis, but she might have more control over her instrument than Shi did. Harry gives Poh a lecture about referring to herself negatively. Indeed, the young sister downplayed her vocal ability in front of the judges, claiming to be more of a dancer. Maybe that’s why Jlo liked her audition so much. Heh. Harry thought she was unselfconsciously refreshing. Keith liked the rasp in her voice. Poh rushes out of the audition room with her golden ticket. The sisters cry in each other’s arms. The judges think Poh may have more confidence and swagger than Shi. Hope big sister’s feelings aren’t hurt when she watches that back! – 3 yesses

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