Tristan McIntosh – Why Baby Why by Mickey Guyton – Her mom is overseas in the military, a major in the Army. She really misses her, and wishes she could be around for such a big moment. BUT THEN GUESS WHAT. Mom is waiting in the wings (As we saw in a preview Idol posted on Youtube). SURPRISE. *cries.* She performs at the piano. Her voice is so mature, both in tone, and ability to express emotion. Wow. Could this 15 year old possibly have had her heart broken? This is pretty amazing. Jlo got the goosies. Legs AND ARMS. She sees something really special, reminding her of “good friend,” Alicia Keys, and her beautiful heart. Tristan tears up. Harry reads an email from her mom, and then she cries. “Tristan, she wouldn’t miss it,” says Harry. AND IN WALKS MOM. TEARS TEARS TEARS. Mom hands Tristan her golden ticket. Keith wipes a tear away.  3 yesses. “She might win!” says Jlo.

American Idol 15 Auditions No 2 Recap and VIDEOS