American Idol 15 Auditions No 2 Recap and VIDEOS

AMERICAN IDOL XV: Little Rock Auditions: AMERICAN IDOL will begin its 15th ??? and farewell ??? season with a special two-night, four-hour premiere event Wednesday, Jan. 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Jan. 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. AMERICAN IDOL XV continues on Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursdays (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). Pictured: Contestants at AMERICAN IDOL XV. © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Becker / FOX.

American Idol 2016 Premiere Auditions No 2 Recap VIDEOS

It’s night 2 of the American Idol 15 auditions. We’re in Little Rock with Kris Allen (season 8 winner) and San Francisco with Lee DeWyze (season 9 winner). Both alums will be on hand to assist the judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. with choosing hopefuls for the competition.

Let’s see what talent we find in both cities.

American Idol 15 top 24 Spoilers

Look! It’s Kris Allen singing along with a hopeful. They’re making up a song while strumming the guitar. Cute. Yes, peeps. We’re in Little Rock first. Kris HATES SAYING NO TO HOPEFULS! He likes the part where he encourages people much more. He’s such a mensch.

Cameron Richard – Gimme Love by Ed Sheeran – He has seen Keith Urban in concert twice! He’s from Louisiana, originally. Harry points out his typical New Orleans accent, that barely belies the cleft palate he once had. Cameron overcame major physical problems to not only be able to speak, but sing too. His cleft is barely noticeable. He accompanies himself on guitar, in a bright clear voice. He’s super emo, this kid. He belts out passionately and very earnestly. He’s a likable boy. Jlo says it felt good to her. Harry pays him a huge complimenting–that  he looks like a young Paul McCartney when he sings. Thank ya’ll!!! he shouts as he receives his golden ticket. “This is the best thing that’s every happened to me in my life!” Cute as a puppy! It’s 3 yesses. – Click to Watch Cameron’s Audition VIDEO

Daniel Farmer – How Does it Feel by D’Angelo – He loves Jlo. He wants to grind on her, Or something. Probably too much information. He also claims to have charisma and personality. Nope–he’s not a joke contestant. He’s very soulful and sexy. A little cheesy. He needs to dial back the hip thrusts. No really. Stop that. Also the yelling. “Hercules Hercules!” says Keith. Heh. Well, Jlo was charmed. Harry and Keith advise him to nail his runs. Yeah, the runs were a little out of control. But, he has potential. 3 yesses. – Click to Watch Daniel’s Audition VIDEO

Poor Kris Allen. Subjected to several terrible singers. There is a Tinder bit, with Jlo checking out all of the bad singers on her smartphone.

Dalton Rapattoni = Phantom of the Opera – He’s a vocal coach at a school of ROCK in Texas. OH FOR GOD SAKES. This guy is a total ringer! He’s already famous, a member of the boyband IM5. Check it out.  The singer isn’t a household name, but has already amassed a fanbase. He accompanies himself on guitar. Harry digs the way he flipped a Broadway song. Jlo likes the androgyny thing he’s got going. Dalton is a very pretty boy. Keith calls him an artist or something. To be honest, I thought he was kind of pitchy and average. We’ll see what he can do. Maybe he’ll change my mind.  3 yesses – Click to Watch Dalton’s Audition VIDEO

Host Ryan Seacrest notes how there will be no second chances now that Idol is ending. The hopefuls realize it’s all or nothing now! Next, a montage of nos. SADZ. You still have The Voice, kids. One super=young looking boy is sobbing with his parents after his rejection. Aw.

LaPorsha Renae – Creep by Radiohead – Kris Allen is out in the holding room, holding LaPorsha’s baby, and comparing parenthood notes. They talk about how having kids changed their lives. Sweet. Her backstory involves domestic abuse. She had to move into a shelter with her 7 month old baby daughter. She tells her life story through songwriting. Her baby makes her strong, she says. Jlo holds the little one while LaPorsha belts out a powerful version of “Creep.” The baby coos while she sings. She’s got a big big voice, but she knows how to sing tenderly and with subtlety too. Big growls from LaPorsha. But just when you think it might be too much, she pulls it back. Keith called her version a “fresh take.” He loved it. “You are an assassin with runs,” says Harry, meaning it as a compliment. 3 yesses “She’s going to give some singers a run for their money,” says Keith. – Click to Watch LaPorsha’s Audition VIDEO

Kris enters the men’s room to find a hopeful practicing and they sing together. “We just had a moment!” he says. Ok…. There’s a fan fic in there somewhere.

Maddie McAllister – Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood – She lives on a farm in a small town, with a ton of animals, including chickens.  She brings one to show the judges. “My chickens have the biggest breasts in Arkansas.” Ha. She shows them at state fairs. She hands the bird over to Keith, as it flaps it’s wings. But the bird settled down on the desk. This is kind of funny. Maddie has good pitch and a nice voice. I’m a little surprised they all said no pretty quickly–all three saying she’s not ready. Maddie wouldn’t have made it past Hollywood probably, but she’s at least as good as a few they sent. Click to Watch Maddie’s Audition VIDEO

Cue a montage of hopefuls describing the farms they live in…to the tune of Green Acres. Keith sings along. OMG. His Ava Gabor is everything.

Trent Harmon – Unaware by Allen Stone – Another farm dweller. He and his family run a restaurant on the farm. It’s “yard to the table,” Trent explains. They raise beef. Wow. I was totally expecting him to bust out some bro country, after hearing that thick southern accent and the cow talk. But no. NOOOO. He’s doing this exquisite soulful singer songwriter thing, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. He’s got a gorgeous tone and an amazing falsetto. He’s like a folky Robin Thicke. Me likey. The judges are surprised and delighted. Trent’s audition is Harry’s favorite so far. 3 enthusiastic yesses. – Click to Watch Trent’s Audition VIDEO

Now, we’re in San Francisco.

Hello Lee DeWyze! Oooh. We get a little glimpse of the executive producer round. A singer hitting all 3 rounds. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. The show is usually cut like everything happens in the same day.

Brooke Sample – Cold Day in July by the Dixie Chicks – Her video package is full of her inability to get through a shot without messing up. She’s wearing a long dress–a little too dressy for the occasion–but Harry is impressed. My spidey sense says actress/singer, considering the comedic bits and funny voices she does. She forgets the words during her audition. Nevertheless, she’s got my attention. Her vocal is solid and expressive. She’s got some charisma, even if she’s kind of a mess. I suspect there’s some shtick going on there. After 3 apologies, Harry nicely suggests she knock off the self deprecation. But Jlo kind of loves it! Keith thinks she’s interesting and unique. 3 yesses – Click to Watch Brooke’s Audition VIDEO

Olivia Rox – When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars – She loves to sing! Her parents are also musicians, whom she used to travel with on gigs when she was a kid. See a video of little Olivia singing “Over the Rainbow” on stage. Her parents are there at the audition, supporting her. Olivia LOVES Kelly Clarkson. She sits at the piano to sing “When I Was Your Man.” Her performance is mournful, emotional–her phrasing lovely. Harry thinks she’s “extraordinarily talented.” They don’t want to hear another note (she’s got a guitar with her). Really, she is that good. 3 enthusiastic yesses. – Click to Watch Olivia’s Audition VIDEO

In case you haven’t figured out that the show is gunning for a girl to win this last season of Idol, here’s a bit with the judges freaking out over the distaff talent found in San Francisco. Here’s a montage of girls to make the point. Click to Watch all 3 Auditions

Jessica Clark – Come Together – She’s very soulful

Ameet Kanon – Super sultry singer.

Kayla Mickelson – Another talented singer.

All 3 singers – 3 yesses

Melanie Tierce – Rise Up – Harry is so impressed with her lovely, evocative performance, he just gets up and leaves the room. “Absolutely stunning,” he says. It’s his new favorite…in all 3 years he’s been judging! – 3 yeses – Click to Watch Melanie’s Audition VIDEO

Malie Delgado – Chariot by Gretchen Wilson – She was Miss Alaska, 2014. She had never done a pageant before in her life. That led to an on air radio job. Ryan Seacrest is syndicated on her station. She begins rapping in the middle of this Gretchen Wilson song, which is a mistake. But other than that, she’s got a strong and soulful country voice, along with an appealing personality. Harry calls her a pretty aquamarine blue. Meaning, I guess, it’s going to be a dogfight between the girls with the pretty voices. Harry thinks she’s a star, however.  3 yesses. – Click to Watch Malie Delgado’s Audition VIDEO

Remember Bikini girl? Courtney Henry? I tried to forget too. OMG Jason Green, slipping Ryan Seacrest his phone number, only to be directed to big bald bear nearby.

Keith and Harry are jamming in the break room to “I Feel the Earth Move” while Jlo and Ryan play with makeup. It all seems fitting. Harry decides to allow Ryan to judge. He clues in the next contestant, giving him a few tips on how to kiss Ryan’s ass.

Brandyn Burnett – Lost (Original Song) – He performs at the piano. The lyrics are a little corny, but the melody is pretty. Harry can’t stay away, or bear not to be the center of attention. He stands behind the singer while he performs. Leaning on his shoulder. TOTALLY PULLING FOCUS. For a minute Brandyn thought it was him mom. Heh. Harry promises he would have never “jacked” with him like that, if he wasn’t good. Brandyn gets FOUR YESES. – Click to Watch Brandyn Burnett’s Audition VIDEO

Next, Ryan shows us an “Idol wall of fame.” Hopefuls talk about being really really little, watching the show.

Krysti Jewel – Mama Knows Best by Jesse J – She and her family are the BIGGEST AMERICAN IDOL FANS EVER. They have taped every, show, been to the finale shows, the tour. They are ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US, if you know what I mean. The parents freak out when Lee DeWyze comes out to meet them. The parents are literally the biggest Idol stans EVER.  He assures them the judges WANT her to do well. Don’t be nervous! When Ryan allows the parents in the room to watch their daughter’s audition. they freak out.  Krysti is a little strident on those top notes. And a tiny bit under pitch. She needs voice lessons. Then comes the weird scatting. Loud is not the new good, kid! Harry calls it clear and loud. That’s one way to describe it. Nevertheless, 3 yesses. – Click to Watch Kristi’s Audition VIDEO

Ryan picks up some Chinese food for everyone. The judges read their fortune cookies “Help I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory.”

Harry says it’s good to be confident, but not arrogant, as a montage of trash talking contestant flies by.

Sarah Hayes – Hero by Bonnie Tyler – Chick talks a mile a minute, telling Jlo that she inspired her to treat her own her body like a temple. Then, when Keith disagrees with the notion that country music is about attitude, Sarah snaps back, and the crew gasps. She might be high. No seriously. She can’t remember the words to her song and completely spazzes out. She tries “Invincible” by Kelly Clarkson instead, and messes that up too. Harry calls it a “complete lack of focus” and blames himself for throwing her off, because he was joking around. Keith disagrees! She should have been able to keep herself together. Jlo worries. She doesn’t think she can handle pressure. Wow. YES from Harry, NO from Keith and Jlo, who are being the hard asses. But they are correct. – Click to Watch Sarah’s Audition VIDEO

We’re back in Little Rock

Tristan McIntosh – Why Baby Why by Micky Guyton – Her mom is overseas in the military, a major in the Army. She really misses her, and wishes she could be around for such a big moment. BUT THEN GUESS WHAT. Mom is waiting in the wings (As we saw in a preview Idol posted on Youtube). SURPRISE. *cries.* She performs at the piano. Her voice is so mature, both in tone, and ability to express emotion. Wow. Could this 15 year old possibly have had her heart broken? This is pretty amazing. Jlo got the goosies. Legs AND ARMS. She sees something really special, reminding her of “good friend,” Alicia Keys, and her beautiful heart. Tristan tears up. Harry reads an email from her mom, and then she cries. “Tristan, she wouldn’t miss it,” says Harry. AND IN WALKS MOM. TEARS TEARS TEARS. Mom hands Tristan her golden ticket. Keith wipes a tear away.  3 yesses. “She might win!” says Jlo. – Click to Watch Tristan’s Emotional Audition

Philadelphia on Wednesday. See you then!

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