Sarah Hayes – Hero by Bonnie Tyler – Chick talks a mile a minute, telling Jlo that she inspired her to treat her own her body like a temple. Then, when Keith disagrees with the notion that country music is about attitude, Sarah snaps back, and the crew gasps. She might be high. No seriously. She can’t remember the words to her song and completely spazzes out. She tries “Invincible” by Kelly Clarkson instead, and messes that up too. Harry calls it a “complete lack of focus” and blames himself for throwing her off, because he was joking around. Keith disagrees! She should have been able to keep herself together. Jlo worries. She doesn’t think she can handle pressure. Wow. YES from Harry, NO from Keith and Jlo, who are being the hard asses. But they are correct.

American Idol 15 Auditions No 2 Recap and VIDEOS