American Idol 2016 Little Rock Audition – Jake Dillon

Jake Dillon – Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina – Got married at 18. He has two kids. A plumbers apprentice. He works at church on the weekends. His life sounds like a tough slog. Dreams of a music career must help. When Harry asks “what do you got” he answers thinking it was a question about his family. This dude seems to have more responsibility than he can handle. Sadly for him, the performance is unremarkable. Keith asks him to play some chords. He was missing a few. Harry and Jlo thought it was good. But not good enough. “We’re looking for spectacular.” I suppose they are letting him down gently. This is his dream, but a career in performance isn’t for him. The charisma just is not there. Harry says no. Jlo says yes. Keith caves and says yes. OY. Tough love people. C’mon. Do it. Harry says no, Keith and Jlo say yes

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