American Idol 2016 Little Rock Audition – Thomas Stringfellow – Give Me Love – VIDEO

Thomas Stringfellow – “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran – We’ve got another dewey faced youngun here. His family hosts foster kids–he’s representing for all of them. OK. I’m intrigued. Attention grabbed. Thomas has a quirky little catch in his voice and sings like he means it. It’s a passionate, musical performance. He reminds me a little of Alex Preston from season 13. Fans are going to either like his voice, or hate it. I like. Harry wonders why he’s doing the song in 6 time. Thomas begins to apologize. I’m not sure he understands what he did musically there, actually. Harry doesn’t care. He likes it. Keith appreciates that he’s doing it his own way. Jlo finds his voice “pleasant to the ear.” The thing that’s fascinating about Thomas. He’s obviously not a trained musician, but he’s got a feel for music. I’ll bet he does a lot of crazy tunings on his guitar as he follows his muse. Sometimes, a rigid musical education can actually be a hindrance to creativity. 3 yeses  ETA: Thomas is cousin to The Voice season 4 winner, Danielle Bradbery.

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