Reanna Molinaro – 23 – Hobbs NM – Leavin’ on Your Mind by Patsy Cline – She’s a cop and has to be super masculine sometimes…even with pink finger nails. Harry wants to be handcuffed. AND THE SEXUAL INNUENDO ENSUES. “Put your hands behind your back!” she demands.  “Hands like I told you sir!” She’s a pretty good dom. Heh. Harry tries to play piano in cuffs. “It’s the handcuff blues,” jokes Keith. Harry decides to leave them on during her audition. “Does it feel natural?” she asks. Zing. She’s a decent old-school country singer, but the handcuff stuff is really distracting. “It’s so hard to critique when I can’t feel my hands!” Harry says. Jlo was looking for more performance quality, but she liked it. So did Keith. 3 yesses, before Reanna takes off the cuffs. Before she leaves the room she offers to tase Harry.  That’s one way to subdue him. America approves.

American Idol 15 Auditions #1 Recap