Alex Sasser – 23 – Raleigh NC – Count on Me by Bruno Mars = Jordan Sasser – 26 – Raleigh NC – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion. A husband and wife duo audition together, with baby in tow. They play up a rivalry between them for the cameras. Alex boasts that she’s the better singer, Jordan wants her to do well, but not better than him.  Alex plays with the baby, who produces a big smile for the camera, before singing first with her ukulele. And she’s kinda boring. Her vocal is pleasant, but not very dynamic. She’s a little pitchy too. “There’s too much goodness in here!” declares Harry, before rejecting her. “It was not passionate at all.” Keith and Jlo wanted a more compelling voice. THEY SAY NO. Jordan takes center stage with barely a glance at his wife. She looks on, heartbroken, working to muster up support for him. He’s way better than her. WAY BETTER. He’s got all the dynamics, strength, and personality that she does not. She probably knows that too. After Jordan finishes the judges GUSH. Poor Alex. They enthusiastically put Jordan through. Alex tries to be happy for him, but it’s obvious she’s hurting. Outside later, Alex notes ruefully that Jordan was dancing with the baby off stage, and maybe THAT’S what Harry meant when he called them “distracting.” She’s passively aggressively blaming her husband for not making it through. WHAT? says Jordan. He seems tone deaf to her feelings, although he does hug her, and tells her he’s proud. What a weird vibe between these two. They’re worship leaders, too.  3 yesses for Jordan only.

American Idol 15 Auditions #1 Recap