American Idol 14 Spoilers – List of Hollywood Hopefuls and MORE (VIDEO)

American Idol 14 Spoilers Contestants List

American Idol 14 is just around the corner! Hollywood week begins in Los Angeles on October 25. Make sure to look for our daily updates! In the meantime, here is a list of singers who auditioned for American Idol for the 2015 season.

American Idol 14 Spoilers Hollywood Contestant Full Master List

Each entry includes VIDEO and how far we know the contestant got in the process. Of course, there will be revisions, and many more contestant posts to come, so stay tuned.

Check out the list, peruse the videos and tell US what you think of this year’s crop so far.

Advanced to Hollywood:

Keri Lynn Roche (returnee). YES! Keri is back! I still feel like she was robbed last season and I hope this year she makes it to the live shows! (Keri was cut at the Top 30)

David Oliver Willis (returnee) – Auditioned in San Francisco. David is back! Hope he pulls it off this time around. (Cut at the Top 30 in both season 12 and 13)

Sarina Joi Crowe (returnee) – Auditioned in Nashville. I have rooted for Sarina for a few years now. I hope she pulls it off this time. (Cut at Top 30 in Season 13, Cut in Las Vegas Season 12)

Savion Wright (returnee) Savion is definitely someone to watch out for this season. I bet they give him a redemption arc. (Cut at the Top 30 season 13)

Jesse Cline (returnee) – Auditioned in Nashville.  I vaguely remember him from last season. He seems pretty good though.

Casey Thrasher (returnee) I definitely remember Casey, and with all the screen time they gave him last season, I bet a lot of other people will remember him also. (Made the Top 3o in Season 13, but was one of 10 boys cut before they sang during Rush Week)

Marvin Calderon Jr. – Marvin is a returnee… (cut at the Top 40 in season 12)

McKenna Dennis (returnee) I don’t remember her at all but she has a great voice!

Laurel Wright (returnee) – Auditioned in Nashville – Same as McKenna

Nalani Quintello (returnee) – Auditioned in New Orleans –  Same as McKenna and Laurel

Madelyn Patterson (returnee) – Auditioned in New Orleans. I really remember Madelyn! Hopefully she pulls off a redemption this season!

Michael Simeon. Jennifer Lopez’s dance partner in Nashville. He is okay. Lets see how he does.

Taylor Walls (returnee) – Auditioned in Kansas City. I really like this girl! Hope she does well

Jess (piano player that sang with Harry) We didn’t see much from her. Can’t really form an opinion until I hear more.

Annalise Azadian

Brandon Hassan (X Factor Season 2). And here was have another X Factor contestant on Idol! He was in a group called Playback that made it to the judges house in season 2 and has quite the following. It will be interesting to see how he does.

Emily Brooke

Brad Wannemacher:

Lovey James

Hannah Mrozak   auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch her discuss her Idol experience HERE.

Alex Shier:

Tymira-Joi. She was on The Voice a while back! She was a powerhouse singer then and if she improved she will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Daniel Seavey. This season’s youngest singer. His voice is a little shaky and immature, but he does have raw talent. I expect the show to really pimp him being so young, but I hope he advances just based on how he does.

Abby Alton – Auditioned in Minneapolis

Trish Torrales – She is an edgy country singer. I love her tone and I think she has a TON of potential should she make the live rounds. She has lots of videos on her channel and is definitely worth taking another look at.

Jax  – This is this season’s mystery girl for me. There is nothing of her singing on youtube or anything on twitter that shows her singing. If you know anything about her, in the comments please let us know. Here is her twitter if you want to know what she looks like.

Advanced At Least to Judges Round:

Kristin Korda

Micah Williams – Micah auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch him talk about his Idol experience HERE.

No Video yet

Morgan Ovens – auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch her discuss her Idol experience HERE.

Courtney Guns – Auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch her discuss her Idol experience HERE.

Torres Hodges – auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch him talk about his Idol experience HERE.

Brandon Trevon – auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch him talk about his Idol experience HERE.

No video yet.

Hannah von der Hoff – auditioned in Minneapolis. Watch Hannah discuss her Idol experience HERE.

Monica Mendoza

Manuel Romero

No Video yet

Zach Johnson  auditioned in Minneapolis. Zach is highlighted in this official video.

Mackenzie Johnson

Karly Moreno: – She auditioned in New York. In the second video, Karly discusses her Idol experience.

Piper Jones:

Avianna Acid:

Chandler Leighton:

Lawrence Park:


Camille Peruto:

Blake Soles:

Emma Davis:

Sylis Montez:

Twin brothers (names unknown)

Jhameel (last name unknown) A lot of people seem to know this guy. He seems pretty good.

Placement Unknown:

Alyssa Siebkin (returnee) We didn’t see her that much last season, and when we did, she didn’t get the best edit (she was in a messy group with Megan and Spencer) but maybe this season will be her comeback.

Quaid Edwards (returnee) I don’t remember this guy, but his YouTube stuff is pretty great!

Matt Walden. All we know is that he auditioned. He is a youtuber and friend of Sam Woolf.

Angelica Alvarado


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