American Idol 14 Nashville Auditions Behind the Scenes: Favorites Returning! (VIDEO)

American Idol 14 Spoilers Nashville Judges Round

American Idol 14 Spoilers

New video from last week’s Nashville Judges Round auditions offers fans a behind the scenes look at American Idol 14.

Watch Katharine McPhee, David Fost...
Watch Katharine McPhee, David Foster, and Jeremy Jordan on Instagram Live Concert

In this first video, keep an eye out for Top 30 contestant, Marrialle Sellars and Hollywood hopeful, Savion Wright. Both were season 13 favorites who didn’t make it to the live shows.

Marrialle started off with a strong audition and lots of producer pimping, but lost steam beginning in Hollywood. She made the Top 30, but was in the group of 10 singers who were cut before they were able to sing live for America. ETA:  Correction. She did sing–Top 30 brought us a  pitchy and awkward performance of Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

Savion, a talented singer/songwriter, was inexplicably cut before the Top 30. Some speculated that producers felt the publicity surrounding the murder of his brother, Alfred, would distract him from the competition.

If the video is any indication, it looks like both, once again, earned a golden ticket to Hollywood!

Plus, supervising producer, Patrick Lynn, takes us on a tour of “The Chamber” and explains the “steadicam run.”

In this next clip, watch as judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. dish on this year’s talent. Also, excited hopefuls reveal their favorite Idols of all time. Scotty McCreery,  Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips and Fantasia are all namechecked.

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  1. Marialle Sellars did make it to the live shows. She sang a horrendous version of Roar

  2. Savion Wright – OK by me – I was curious to hear what he would bring.

    Mariaelle, no thanks. After she sang “Roar” last year I was glad to see her go. She needed entirely too much work. If the producers who wanted her then still want her – they didn’t learn a thing about how to cast the show for the US audience. IMO.

  3. Kinda fun to read that link about the top 30 to see what Mac and MJ thought of people like Caleb, Jess, MK, CJ, Emily, Alex, etc. Ye Olde Idol Nostalgia. We gotta remember the vibe the various contestants gave off at that point in the competition (edits had a lot to do with that) and think about how they may’ve done as the show went on. Alex was one that seemed to grow on the most people compared to the beginning. I knew people who really weren’t feeling him initially that ended up voting for him later and acknowledging him as an actual artist.

    Not sure how I feel about Marialle but I’m all about seeing Savion again. Any chance Brandy Neelly tries this year?

  4. I was hoping that Briana Oakley, the Jordin Sparks comparison would try out again. She impressed me early on and definitely deserved another shot!

  5. Marrialle is back?
    We’ve got about 5 months to find the best ear plugs money can buy.
    The search begins.

  6. Marialle had spunk and a nice attitude on stage. Also, I kinda liked her husky tone and the way she used it on “Grenade”. However, she definitely had big pitch problems. I hope she had some vocal lessons, or else I can’t imagine her getting far.

    I’m excited for Savion. I was expecting him to be in Top 10 last season but then he was shockingly eliminated. I didn’t find him amazing but at least there was something really interesting going on with him.

  7. Maybe Marialle Sellars has dramatically improved over the past year. While we’re praying for miracles, maybe the producers have dramatically come to the realization that they should spend more time on the contestants and less on the judges.

  8. Very happy to see Savion come back. Can’t say that about Marrialle.

  9. YAY for Savion coming back, IDK about Marielle. Now have Malcolm Allen come back and were in business.

  10. I was hoping Kenz Hall the unique singer-songwriter who sang the great version of macklemores can’t hold us I was devistated when they didn’t let her sing in the top 30. maybe we could get Malcolm and George and Jillian Jensen they all deserve another chance. The other two I was devistated about was Austin Wolfe and Maurice Townsend. Those 6 should audition again plz.

  11. You basically said all the ones that should’ve made the top 12 instead of most of the ones we got.

  12. Savion was clearly better than some who did make it into the finals, IMO. I don’t think his elimination really had much to do with his talent. As for Marialle, Idol was already pimping her by this time last year. I’m just anxious for the Miley comparisons to start again. NOT!

  13. Yes, Briana can re-audition. She got to the same point in the competition that Marrialle did.

  14. I cannot even handle Marialle making it through again. What a waste of a spot that could go to someone good.

  15. You think they figure the first three attributes trump the vocals? The audience said NO to the other Producer’s favorites that were that type, with wonky vocals – TPTB could pay attention?

    If Uncle Per wants that type of contestant, then for pitys sake, pick one that can sing in tune! If the mid card is weak again from picking all these flawed candidates – they don’t entertain – and again with the problem of viewers losing interest, week by week.

    Geebus, how tough is this to figure out, anyway?

  16. Felt like IDOL producers thought many of the top 13 would end up improving and grow. Sadly that did not end up being the case.

  17. Second video 0:32 – I remember this guy, he worked at night at a gas station, he slept before auditions. And sang very well and got GT. But I don’t remember him in Hollywood.

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