American Idol 12 Spoilers – The Top 40 is Revealed

The Idol Pad has a complete list of the American Idol Top 40, both boys and girls. He’s got last names too, which I was missing on some of the boys from on my complete list a few days ago.  Via The Idol Pad.

Check it out below.

After the new year, the Top 40 will head to Las Vegas for the next round. As I mentioned earlier, The Vegas Rounds will result in a TOP 20.  Ten girls and Ten guys.  There will be a middle round BUT the episode will be taped a few days before it airs.

ETA: The judges will decide who advances to the Top 20 and then the viewers decide on the Top 10.  Sorry, I didn’t edit this post after the schedule and voting info  was released.

Top 20 Females

1. Adriana Latonio
2. Amber Holcomb [AI11 LVR]
3. Angela Miller
4. Aubrey Cleland [AI10 HW & AI11 SFYL/GM]
5. Brandy Hotard
6. Breanna Steer
7. Candice Glover [AI9 HW & AI11 LVR]
8. Cristabel Clack
9. Isabel Pasqualone
10. Janelle Arthur [AI10 HW & AI11 LVR]
11. Jenny Beth Willis
12. Jett Hermano
13. Juliana Chahayed
14. Kamaria Ousley
15. Kree Harrison
16. Melinda Ademi [AI10 LVR]
17. Rachel Hale
18. Shubha Vedula
19. Tenna Torres [AI11 LVR]
20. Zoanette Johnson

Top 20 Males

1. Bryant Tadeo [AI11 HW]
2. Burnell Taylor
3. Charlie Askew
4. Chris Watson [AI7 HW]
5. Cortez Shaw [AI11 SFYL/GM]
6. Curtis Finch, Jr. [AI11 LVR]
7. David Willis
8. Devin Velez
9. Elijah Liu [AI11 HW]
10. Gurpreet Singh Sarin
11. Jimmy Smith
12. Johnny Keyser [AI11 LVR]
13. Joshua “Josh” Holiday
14. Joshua “Josh” Jada Davila
15. Kevin Harris
16. Lazaro Arbos
17. Mathenee Treco [AI11 LVR]
18. Nick Boddington [AI11 LVR]
19. Paul Jolley
20. Vincent “Vince” Powell [AI11 LVR]

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  • Wally.

    Jett & Angie Miller FTW.

  • Sara M
  • Kesia Monteith

    I hope it is a top 16 instead of a top 10. I find 10 to be too small, as there are some that deserve more of a chance.

  • julesb2183

    Yes, plus Nigel can change his mind. They were going to do it this way Season 10, but changed their mind.

  • MargieIdol

    Hmmm no David Leathers or Skylar Dixon. I thought for sure the producers would put Skylar through for the dramaz.

  • Wally.

    Angie Miller is quite damn good
    Set A Fire –
    Skinny Love –
    Diamonds –
    We Are Never… -

  • Hazehel

    Don’t like shows where the judges decide most things.  It’s a mistake to let them select the top 10.  

  • sporkle

    It’s interesting how many return contestants there are this season. I suppose that’s why we need Randy to stick around – for those “I remember you!” and “you’ve improved so much!” comments … even if they weren’t all that memorable the first time around. 

  • raya

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think the returnees are any more prominent than usual.  There are always tons of people who try again after they’ve made it Hollywood/Vegas at least once.  Besides, half of these folks are still getting cut.  I just think people are talking about the returnees more nowadays in the sense that last season 3 prominent returnees wound up in the Top 10.

    That said, I’m only really aware of who the returnees are.  For whatever reason I don’t like watching people’s online vids before the season starts.  I kind of like not having a horse in the race ahead of time.  Not sure I like the judges/producers choosing the Top 10 though.  Especially since I think the public has done a pretty good job of it themselves the last few seasons that I don’t really think it’s needed.

  • Jake Williams

    Janelle needs to give up. It is getting desperate.

  • SullyD

    My thoughts exactly. I can’t believe she made this far this year, what a joke.

  • fantoo1

    Maybe she improved, I always thought she had potential.

  • No Thanks

    At a quick glance there seems to be a nice multi-cultural cross section of people.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

  • Wally.

    I think Kree Harrison can win. From the south, country, good looks, young age. Winner?

  • LeahKittyS

    I don’t even remember her from any season.

  • Wally.

     Okay one of these girls must win

    Angie Miller

    Cristabel Clack

    Isabel Pasqualone

    Kree Harrison

    Jett Hermano

    Candice Glover

    Shuba Vedula

  • fantoo1

    I’m liking how diverse this season is looking. Way more than last year.

  • blackberryharvest

    Wow Shubha can really sing!

  • blackberryharvest

    You all might remember Melinda Ademi from Season 10: Audition With Thia Megia in Vegas

  • irockhard

    Well Pia auditioned for Idol 5 times.

  • b_james

    Can’t believe Schylar didn’t make it.  ugh.

  • Kody Baker

    Too many jesus boys this year.

  • Anny_nanny

    Josh Holiday. And the age of the average viewer is close to 90-years-old.
    Nick, my dear, in the last season you were the weakest in the group that no one has made a Top-13. You must thinking of the XF, as long as this show is not closed.

  • Anny_nanny

    I will vote for Jon Miller! I know that his is not on the show, but and I’ll vote can’t. )))

  • irockhard

    Disagree. Yes there’s a lot of racial/ethnic diversity but that’s not good enough. There needs to be vocal and stylistic diversity too, and this bunch dissapoints where that’s concerned. Too many of these contestants are too similar to each other (even more so than last season) and blend into each other too much. This is gonna be another dud season like S9 because of that.

  • Kody Baker

    I say if they choose the right ppl.. there could be a really solid top 10 this year

  • revolution

    Wow…no Dylan Arms? I thought wgwg and Jesus was a lock…

  • Jane

    reports of shelby lynn being a slu may have been verified by a photo posted to social media sites earlier today

  • Jane

    shows her in a swimming suit partially pulling down her panties, good thing that is off the show

  • Keshia Lebouef

    I know she can

  • Cory ??

    GO CANDICE! I didn’t even know she auditioned again! I’ve been a fan ever since that Group Week performance with Jessica and Deandre last year that was beyond winning quality. 

  • Peerapong Jaroensuk

    wow, the girls are like really good this year. I really like Jett, Kree, Isabel and Angela. And Josh Holiday, oh my god I’m in love lol

  • maymirabella

    Season 3 was actually one of my favorite seasons because of Jennifer Hudson,  Latoya London, George Huff, and Fantastia. I thought the talent that season was great. But then agaiin, I love that style of music and a lot of people may I understand where you are coming from.

  • Peggy Burke

    Go Paul Jolley—great voice

  • Kristian Ray Angelo

    Where is Kez Ban? :-(

  • kmd23

    I think for the girls Jett, Kree, or Angie have the best chance of winning. For the guys Josh Holiday or Jimmy Smith.

  • Kariann Hart

    There are quite a few girls who have vocal and visual appeal.  If they hadn’t schedule the 5 girls/5 guys set-up.  I think the girls would outnumber the guys.  So far, I am impressed with Isabel, Angie, and Candice.  Not all changes being made are good.  I wish we could start voting at the TOP 20 mark.  I think this could be a great season – I hope!

  • Danielle Rhodes

    Do we know for sure that we can’t vote at the Top 20 mark? When I heard that the judges get to decide who’s in the top 10, I just assumed it would be similar to The X Factor where the bottom two vote getters had a sing off and the judge gets to decide who stays.

  • LeahKittyS

    What I’ve heard is, voting does begin for us at the Top 20 mark. We vote for the Top 10 (5 guys and 5 girls, just like the last two years), and then maybe the judges will pick a couple of Wildcards to make a Top 12 or 13.

  • maymirabella

    If the public votes before final 12, only thing is wgwg type ot two will win but then judged often put wgwg in top 24 to start with and then wonder why wgwg or cute boy wins everyyear. So it seems no way to avoid it ever changing. So in auditions, I just look for the wgwg possible winner.

  • maymirabella

    Who fits wgwg cute boy probable winner this year.

  • LeahKittyS

    To answer that question, the chatterboxes at The Idol Pad have thrown around the names Jimmy Smith, Josh Holiday, and Paul Jolley. We met Josh in Chicago, Jimmy in Charlotte, and Paul in Baton Rouge. I haven’t seen any of them play guitar yet, so who knows. But I actually think it could be different this year. Maybe a country or R&B girl will have the odds in her favor. I have a funny feeling.

  • Annie Le

    Paul Jolley. Hmm, sounds like the name of the next American Idol. 

  • PWT54

    The voters WILL be voting from Top 20, NOT Top 10, so this info you have here is incorrect.

  • Crystal Green

     Janelle is a strong, beautiful women who has determination and drive.. Not to mention a truck load of talent.  She is beautiful on the INSIDE and the out!  She doesn’t give up,, she takes the constructive comments and is a hard worker!!  So how dare you say that about her!  Clearly you don’t know her at all!!  She has a wonderful family and a ton of support so I admire her determination. 

  • Crystal Green

     Sorry Janelle rocks.  She is an inspiration!  And it takes a ton of courage to get up there time and time again.  Go and ask any number of stars how many doors were closed in their faces time and time again?  Wasn’t that a topic on one of the discussions on idol this season?  You have to work hard to make it!  I am team Janelle all the way everyday!  She is a super sweet girl and deserves everything she can get. 

  • kcostell

    (This post intentionally and temporarily filled with a bunch of superfluous nonsense at the beginning just in case it shows up as a “Recent Comment”. Lorem Ipsem and all that gobbledygook)

    Looking at this list after tonight’s show, I am very surprised at girl 20.

  • James M.

     I’m surprised as HELL. WTF?


  • Kariann Hart

    I was wondering why many of the names are in purple?  No purple for Rachel Hale?

  • beanowl

    I am now obsessed with Zoanette Johnson. I really hope she makes it to the voting rounds. That was the most beautiful trainwreck I’ve ever seen on television. I love her.

  • Jordana33

    Oh NO!….Not the voting rounds! LOL. If Zoanette makes it that far, VFTW will probably work overtime to keep her around. She’ll be an inspiration to all their fans. Sigh. 

  • Jordana33

    Oh NO!….Not the voting rounds! LOL. If Zoanette makes it that far, VFTW will probably work overtime to keep her around. She’ll be an inspiration to all their fans. Sigh. 

  • Karen P

    Check out Aubrey Cleland’s Story on FOX last night!   GO AUBREY! 

  • Shella Pascual

    Bryant Tadeo, Jett Hermano & Adriana Latonio— Filipino/Half Filipino like Jessica Sanchez :D hope they’re all belong to Top 10

  • Robbie Morrow

    Go Rachel!

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    YES!! I am so jolly that Paul Jolley made it. Tee hee. Just had to make that lame joke sorry

  • Mafalda Abreu

    My favourite guys so far are Devin Velez, Nick Boddington and Charlie Askew

  • Janis de Asis

    both are artistic and write original songs so yeah, I like ’em both :)

  • Janis de Asis

    Kree and Angela are SAFE…let’s hope the others on your list would survive, too, esp Jett and Candice :)

  • Karen P

    Where is Aubrey Cleland?  She is in the top 20 girls again!  She has the whole package to be the next American Idol?

  • Kariann Hart

    Thanks, Guest.  It makes sense that the viewers would get to chose from the TOP 20.  So, will it go from TOP 20 directly to TOP 10?