American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #25- Tenna Torres

I really want to type “Teena” when I put her name in, but she refuses to follow logic. Instead, she’s Tenna. I decided I’d preview her today since her audition has already been shown. As you’ll see below, she’s prepared herself for the upcoming Die Hard sequel by releasing a single called “Good Nite 2 Die Hard”. lol.

She’s the “Mariah Camp” girl from the auditions. She also was in Hollywood last year. She’s so overproduced on her track that it’s almost hard to hear the same Tenna that auditioned. I suppose if you filter her voice into a nasally autotune, she might be a popstar. Really, any pop singer could have done her single. It’s super generic. She’s alright, I’m just giving her a hard time. I think she deserves a semi-final spot (basically, I think she deserves for America to vote on her). I worry for contestants who are too current, because American Idol’s theme weeks are terrible and when she’s trying to figure out how to make a Stevie Wonder song her own, she’ll go home. I honestly wish, for one season, they’d throw away the theme weeks and let the contestants pick a song every week that they feel like best represents them as an artist. Tenna might benefit from that.

Good Nite 2 Die Hard

Officially Missing You

Bound To You

Taking Chances

Switch It Up

Her American Idol Audition

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