American Idol Season 12- Contestant Preview #4- Josh Holiday

Sorry about the break. I got rather caught up in family time over Christmas. Our next contestant is Josh Holiday, who looks like he just dove from the Blake Lewis tree straight into the American Idol contestant pool. Those who have already heard about him are just going crazy over him, so I figured why not introduce him to the world?

He’s originally from Texas, and he lives now in Nashville. Josh Holiday’s youtube account in recent days has liked an American Idol promo, and a video from Angie Miller’s page, as well as liking Angie Miller and Nick Boddington’s youtube channels. It’s important to note that other contestants I’ve posted have pulled their stuff from youtube immediately after, so you have to watch this stuff immediately. lol

This guy COULD win. If allowed a chance.

His youtube channel:
More youtube: (before he changed his last name):
His website:
His Facebook:
His Twitter:!/Joshua%20Eric%20Wright

(I’m predicting all this will be taken down in 24 hours or less, so watch it now! Rip it!)

Isn’t She Lovely

Next To You

As Long As You Love Me

Signed Sealed Delivered

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