American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #6 – Elijah Liu

I had originally pledged to not do any of the “returnees” until later, but Elijah Liu really didn’t get any screentime last year, so it shouldn’t matter. Last year, he had a tiny following from people who knew he made it and checked out his youtube videos. He’s a pretty good singer. Much more pop music relevant than Heejun was.

Last year, Elijah was cut during Hollywood Week. This year, he’s survived the process to get to the final judgment. He also plays guitar. So he’s our first AGWG. He’s from California, a region that doesn’t traditionally create winners (although they do create runner ups).

More Youtube Videos (he has a ton):
His Road To Hollywood from last year:
Talenthouse profile:
His Tumblr:

Pumped Up Kicks

Sunday Morning

How To Love

Thinking About You

Not Over You

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