American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #2- Jimmy Smith

Name: Jimmy Smith
Age: Early-Mid 20’s
Hometown: Nashville

So, he’s a white guy. He sings country. He’s from Nashville. And… he can play the guitar. Your American Idol Season 12 Winner? There’s a really strong possibility. Here’s my thing though… he’s REALLY GOOD. Like, listen to The Secrets We Keep, and you’ll understand that he’s actually a better singer than the past couple WGWG winners we’ve had. So, while we may roll our eyes at him because of that, he’s finally someone who deserves to be where they are.

He also went through some weight loss, I’ve been told, which could be a good story. He works at a dialysis clinic, so he’s got a “nice guy” job. He’s being compared to Clay Aiken a bit.

His Youtube Channel:


It wouldn’t let me embed the videos individually. Lame…

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