American Idol 12 Preview #28 & #29- Rachel Hale/Zoanette Johnson

Two completely different contestants, I know. Rachel’s from Arkansas, and is one of the many female country singers we have this year. One of them is gonna make the top 10. RIGHT??? RIGHT????? Zoanette is from Tulsa.

Rachel is a bit more legit than Zoanette. That’s why I threw Zoanette on here, because I couldn’t imagine devoting an entire post to her (since we just did that a few days ago) just to “preview her as a Top 40 contestant. Let’s be real, no one is going to vote Zoanette into the top 10.

It’s harder to find pre-idol stuff on Rachel now that there are a bajillion user created videos about her audition, and her name is tagged in another 1,000 irrelevant videos. Very frustrating.

Zoanette didn’t have any pre-idol stuff. I know that’s a shocker… but… it’s true.

Sound off in the comments. What do you think of Rachel and Zoanette?

Rachel Singing “Before He Cheats”

Rachel’s Audition

Rachel’s Road To Hollywood

Zoanette’s Audition

Zoanette’s Road To Hollywood

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