American Idol 12 Contestant Preview #30- Vince Powell

I don’t remember Vince from last season, but apparently he was there. Made it all the way to Las Vegas Round. I’m sure I saw his group, but he just wasn’t memorable (unlike Candice Glover). I also don’t think he’s a strong enough singer to really stand out in the top 40 and make it out of the next round. I don’t think we’ll be voting on him. He faces competition from too many other black male R&B church influenced singers this season. Curtis Finch, Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez, David Willis, Kevin Harris, and Cortez Shaw all going for the same demographic that typically only gets 1 to the Top 10? It’s going to be a bloodbath. I think Burnell and Cortez have the best shot.

That being said, he’s entitled to a contestant preview. So check out the videos, and then talk about how mediocre and average he really is. Sound off in the comments below!

His Audition

His Promo CD

More Promo Reel Stuff

Road To Hollywood

I Will Rise

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