American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #12- Lazaro Arbos

You might have already seen Lazaro’s audition (or part of it) as the boy who speaks with an extreme stutter. I’m here to tell you, he’s not going very far. He’s a sob story (harsh way to put it, I know), with weak talent. As you’ll hear in Imagine, he finishes his phrases with a very unpleasant goat vibrato, and possesses a nasally tone that isn’t good enough for this competition. It’s not Chris Richardson nasal, it’s “I’m not a trained singer” nasal. Unless he’s improved since Imagine, he’s probably cut (ala Chris Medina) before the top 20/24.

He’s originally from Naples, FL. His family comes from Cuba.

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Lazaro’s American Idol 12 Audition in Chicago

Lazaro Arbos, Auditions Chicago ~ American Idol… by HumanSlinky

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