American Idol 12- Top 40 Contestant Preview #1- Shubha Vedula

Big thanks to IdolManiac and TheIdolPad for spoiling the Top 40 already. MJ has asked me to preview all the contestants for you. So you’ll see one every day (of the ones we can find stuff for online). I looked at the list of contestants, and asked myself, where do I start? Then I saw the name “Shubha Vedula”. And I said, how can I not start with someone named Shubha Vedula. Doesn’t that just sound like your next American Idol?

Name: Shubha Vedula
Age: 16?
From: Mt Pleasant, Michigan

Reminds me a lot of Jessica Sanchez. A little girl with a big voice who can sing big power ballads. I don’t think Shubha is QUITE on Jessica’s level, but there’s a voice there, and it’s a competitive voice. Time will tell if she’s lucky enough to make the Top 10 (with the rumored changes this year, we won’t get a say in the matter until Top 10).

Here she sings Unfaithful by Rihanna:

And Mariah Carey’s “Hero”:

“Hurt” (this one is fun because someone lists all of the things she does in her spare time before she sings):

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