American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #19- Brandy Hotard

I’m bringing you a double feature of contestants today, in celebration of the premiere of Idol tonight. Our first is Brandy Hotard, who is another country singer. You can bet with Keith Urban on the panel that some of these country singers will make the voting stages.

This one, however, is a pageant girl. Those don’t seem to make it very far. HOWEVER, she is from Louisiana. That’s deep south. That’s voting territory. The only better place to come from is Birmingham, Alabama. She competed for Miss Louisiana and lost. Her talent was singing.

She’s also a Registered Nurse, so when the kids start collapsing during Hollywood Week, Brandy can jump in and save them. Maybe she’s good to have around.

Listen to the two videos below and sound off in the comments below.

Am I The Only One

The National Anthem (Of Course)

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