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SYTYCD 12 Top 20 Revealed Recap Live Blog Videos

Lets do this!
Who’s in the Top 20?
Which Street Dancers will survive choreography again?

No sleep for the dancers. They’re being put into groups. They’ll be choreographing themselves.

Jason tells them to take risks.

All the teams meet with their captains to hear the music they have to choreograph to. Of course, some groups hit it off immediately, while others had manufactured drama for purposes of the camera.

5:25AM. Time to get up. Time to dance.

1st Group- Team Street- Lily, Ariana, Jessica “JJ”, Tyrus, Virgil
What a great group dance. It showcases off everyone in the group. Whoever lead this group did a great job. Everyone had a moment to shine. I can’t imagine anyone getting cut. Standing O from Paula. Jason says Virgil shined. Paula points out JJ’s magic and compares her to Tinkerbell. Twitch is proud of them. Nigel singles Lily and JJ out as two of his early favorites.

Click to Watch First Team Street Group – Lily, Ariana, Jessica JJ, Tyrus, Virgil – Video

We’re already getting a montage of the group rounds. Great choreo from both Team Stage and Street. When people are working with dancers close to their style, it must help their ability to choreo a number.

Click to Watch a Montage of Street and Stage Groups Video

2nd Featured Group- Team Stage- Thomas, Edson, Alyssa, Marissa, Ekaterina
Ekaterina kept working on the choreo through the night when her group went to sleep. Thomas overslept. Mini drama. This group likes each other though. They’re having to change choreo because he overslept. He finally rolls in two hours later, because he’s apparently never watched reality TV before. Awww… we get a commercial break before they perform? Darn. After the break, one of the girls is behind in choreo. This group is not gonna make it all through the round together. Edson’s doing a good job. Jason says it was an exciting piece. Paula thought they did a nice job. Travis liked the energy, but thinks they missed the bar on execution. Nigel says they were the worst group. They are all staying though. Wow. Was no one cut in groups?

Click to Watch the 2nd Team Stage Group Thomas, Edson, Alyssa, Marissa, Exaterina Video

3rd Featured Group- Team Street- B-Dash, Little Boy, Angyil, Brittany, Ladia
Another group with drama. Ladia was the main leader of the group. They have bnlack tape over their mouths. Twitch doesn’t look impressed. I’m not impressed either. There were no real standout moments for anyone. Jason hits the boys for not flipping at the same time. He says Ladia didn’t have enough presence to be in the middle. Paula didn’t like the tape. Twitch didn’t think the movement was strong enough. Nigel said the gimmick didn’t work. Angyil is cut. B-Dash, Little Boy, and Brittany are safe. Ladia has to dance for her life.

Click to Watch 3rd Team Street Group B-Dash, Little Boy, Angyil, Brittany, Ladia Video

A montage of a few more groups that disappointed. Standing O had a bad group performance, but they kept her. Five dancers were cut in groups.

4th Featured Group- Team Stage- Gaby, Hailee, Denys, Natalie, Jim
A nice strong, well put together contemporary piece that showcased everyone equally. Jason says he’s even more of a fan of them together now. Jason loved the strength the guys had. Paula says they look like they’re part of a company. She loved it from beginning to end. Travis says it was the best group of the day. Nigel agrees. They’re all safe.

Click to Watch 4th Team Stage Group Gaby, Hailee, Denys, Natalie, Jim Video

Ladia now has to dance for her life… after the break. Of course. After the break, Ladia goes for all the swag in the world. She’s a much better dancer than her group choreo allowed her to be. Paula calls her a beautiful dancer. Nigel calls her a magnet. Twitch wants to see her individual strength. She’s safe.

Click to Watch Ladia Dance for Her Life Video

34 stage dancers move on to the Sonya round. 35 Street Dancers get to take a break.
Gaby says it’s the most insane round. Brandon says this is his chance to prove he deserves to stay after not doing so great in previous rounds. Travis says “No fillers” this year.

First set of dancers includes Darien, Moises, Edson, and Denys. Denys won SYTYCD in Canada. He auditioned with his girlfriend, who is still in the competition. Denys is a bit out of his league here. The other three are in their style, and all amazing. He looks weak against them. We see Paula say twice that she enjoys three of them. They’re all safe. Wow. Denys survives. This round sent Brandon home. Ekaterina is sent home too. Kevin Morales also got cut. Antonina is up next after all the ballroom dancers jut got cut. Will she make it? She’s out of her league here too. It didn’t matter for Denys, will it matter for her? Antonina is cut, but she gets a little speech from Paula before she gets cut. The other girl who got cut with her just got a head nod. LOL.

Click to Watch Jazz Round – Darien, Moises, Edson Denys Video

Christine, Hailee, Natalie, Kate, and Gaby are in the next group. Gaby gets a little feature about how she was cut, and had to reaudition. Paula isn’t having Christine. Gaby looks fine though. Hailee is probably the standout for me of this group. Paula tells Christine she looks down when she dances. Nigel tells Hailee and Kate to listen to the music. Jason calls Gaby a star. All five girls are safe.

Click to Watch Jazz Round – Christine, Hailee, Natalie, Kate and Gaby Video

The surviving stage dancers hit the pool as Team Street prepares for choreography. Denys is thinking about dropping out.

NAPPYTABS is choreographing Team Street. Tabitha dances the routine before the dancers learn the routine. She’s a sick dancer. Twitch says it’s a perfect representation of what kind of stuff they’d be doing in the Top 20.

First group, Marie Poppins, Kristy, Frankie. Marie still has problems picking up choreo. None of these girls are really strong. They’re all safe though. Wow. Asef (sp?) is in the next group, and he’s been struggling with choreo. B-Dash, B1, and Justin are also in the group. B-Dash has come along way. So has the B-Boy brother. Both have really stepped it up from where they were in the first round. Nigel tells B-Dash there was no life, but he’s safe. Justin says he’s talented in tap, but not in anything else. He’s cut. Asaf says he surprised them. B1 they didn’t like as much. B1 has already danced for his life once. Why again? What is the point?

Click to Watch Nappytabs Hip Hop Round – Marie Poppins, Kristy, Frankie Video

Montage of Team Street dancers killing it. Standing O made it through. Yorelis. Jaja. And a bunch of others.

Anime is in the next group with Hurricane, Brian, and Mission. Anime doesn’t look great. I’d cut Brian. I don’t know if Hurricane or Mission are worth keeping either. Not a great group. Nigel pulls Hurricane and Brian forward and keeps them. Mission and Anime are cut. Mission takes it really hard. This is his third time. Paula tells Mission to go be a great choreographer because he’s aging out of the competition.

Click to Watch Nappytabs Hip Hop Round – Hurricane, Brian, Mission Video

Five more dancers were cut from Team Street. No standouts apparently.

Asaf and B1 dance for their lives. B1 goes first. Everyone is loving it, of course, because we know they would. He’s already done TWO SOLOS in Vegas. This is his THIRD SOLO. Come on people. Get a grip. B1 gets all Yes votes, and gets to stay. Asaf enters the stage and says “Are you serious?” while holding his shirt up. He dances with a shirt anyway. Asaf brings more actual dance into his breaking. He still has all the stunts and moves, but it’s more of a choreographed solo. It’s brilliant. Standing O from everyone. Paula calls him an “entertainer beyond”. Asaf starts backtalking to Nigel. He really didn’t like B1. FOOT IN MOUTH. Dude almost got himself cut. Nigel was making a point about choreography, and how Asaf needs to learn how to do choreo. Two judges already said yes, so he was safe. Why did he speak?

Asaf and B1 Dance for their Lives Video

The Judges now have to pick the Top 10 Street and Stage Dancers.

Cat says it’s time to reveal if they’re in or out. The dancers are in the waiting room.

Marisa is up first for Team Stage. She’s auditioned twice before for SYTYCD. Is third time a charm? Season 10 she made Green Mile, last season she made Contemporary, Marissa Milele is Top 10 Stage!

Asaf faces the judges. The judges fought over him. Will his outburst cause him a spot in the top 10? Paula says he’s a born performer, original, and massively creative, but he doesn’t learn choreography. He’s not in the Top 10 this year. No more backtalk. He leaves like a professional. He knows he has to train more and learn choreo.

More talented Street dancers were cut, including Ladia and B-Dash. Awww. I had B-Dash in my Top 10.

Next up, Edson for Team Stage. He had an injury during Vegas week, and didn’t start dancing until he was 19 because his family didn’t support it. Edson is in the Top 10 Stage!

More Team Stage good news for Moises, Kate, and Hailee Payne. All have made Top 10 Stage in a montage together!

Tension escalates in the holding room. Nigel says they wasted their time on someone. I’m guessing someone is ineligible to compete, either that or Denys drops out.

Alan is in the Top 10 for Team Street. He’s the guy who is representing Haiti. Time for Jessica “JJ” Rabone to find out if she’s made Team Street. Jessica has made Team Street.

Yorelis, Lily, and Ariana made it through in a montage to Team Street.

Denys is up next, and he’s decided to drop out of the competition. He’s who they “wasted their time” on. Nigel is pissed. The judges seemed to be about to tell him he had a Top 10 spot. Jason even said they sent home people who could have been in his spot.

More dancers were sent home for Team Stage. Only five spots of Team Stage and Team Street remain. Who will fill them? Which Team Stage dancer gets a spot now that Denys has bowed out?

Virgil is up next. He made Green Mile in Season 8, but got cut. Virgil is in the Top 10 Street though. Joining him are Megz and Eddie also in Team Street. Only two spots left. Kenya “Standing O” Sutton is up next. Will she get another spot? She had a panic attack earlier in the week. Twitch is a big fan. Standing O is cut. Nigel didn’t think she’d even make the Green Mile.

Jim Nowakowski is about to hear his fate for Team Stage. Travis thinks he can beat anyone on Team Street. Nigel says he’s one of the best dancers ever on SYTYCD. So much hype for this kid. Jim has made Team Stage. Also making Team Stage are Alexa Meyer and Derek Piquette. Two spots left on Team Street, two for Team Stage. Who gets the spot?

If the rumor is true about a Team Street dancer being injured and needed to be replaced, I hope it goes to Standing O. I’d really love to see what she could do in the Top 10. My backup would be B-Dash.

B1 has made Team Street, and Darion has made Team Stage.

For Team Stage, Gaby Diaz is up against Christine Shepard. Who will get the last spot? They don’t meet the judges together. Jason says Gaby is one of his favorites. Hooray for Tap! Gaby is in the Top 10. Christine is cut. Christine says she’ll try again.

For Team Stage, Marie Poppins is up against Jaja Vankova. WOW. That’s rough. They might bring Marie back to fill the spot too. Jaja has taken the final spot in the Top 10. Paula tells Marie she was outdanced by some of her competitors. Jaja has finally made the Top 10. She deserved it last year, she deserves it even more this year.

Click to Watch The Last Dancers Added to the Top 20 Video


Alexa Meyer
Burim “B1? Jusufi
Jaja Vankova
Jessica “JJ” Rabone
Megz Alfonso
Virgil Gadson
Yorelis Apolinario
Ariana Crowder
Eddie Eskridge
Liliana Frias


Alain “Hurrikane” Lauture
Derek Piquette
Edson Juarez
Gaby Diaz
Hailee Payne
Kate Harpootlian
Darion Flores
Marissa Milele
Jim Nowakowski
Moises Parra

Cat brings up that one dancer was injured, and someone is getting a second chance. Marie Poppins, B-Dash, and Standing O were all featured in the “who’s in?” montage. I need spoilers! I can’t wait till next Monday!

So, who are your favorites? Is Alan injured? Sound off in the comments. Thanks for joining me tonight.

SYTYCD Top 12 – Top 20 Montage Video

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