SYTYCD Season 12 Top 20 Revealed – Live Blog & Videos

First set of dancers includes Darien, Moises, Edson, and Denys. Denys won SYTYCD in Canada. He auditioned with his girlfriend, who is still in the competition. Denys is a bit out of his league here. The other three are in their style, and all amazing. He looks weak against them. We see Paula say twice that she enjoys three of them. They’re all safe. Wow. Denys survives. This round sent Brandon home. Ekaterina is sent home too. Kevin Morales also got cut. Antonina is up next after all the ballroom dancers jut got cut. Will she make it? She’s out of her league here too. It didn’t matter for Denys, will it matter for her? Antonina is cut, but she gets a little speech from Paula before she gets cut. The other girl who got cut with her just got a head nod. LOL.

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