SYTYCD Season 12 Top 20 Revealed – Live Blog & Videos

First group, Marie Poppins, Kristy, Frankie. Marie still has problems picking up choreo. None of these girls are really strong. They’re all safe though. Wow. Asef (sp?) is in the next group, and he’s been struggling with choreo. B-Dash, B1, and Justin are also in the group. B-Dash has come along way. So has the B-Boy brother. Both have really stepped it up from where they were in the first round. Nigel tells B-Dash there was no life, but he’s safe. Justin says he’s talented in tap, but not in anything else. He’s cut. Asaf says he surprised them. B1 they didn’t like as much. B1 has already danced for his life once. Why again? What is the point?

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