SYTYCD Season 12 Top 20 Revealed – Live Blog & Videos

Asaf and B1 dance for their lives. B1 goes first. Everyone is loving it, of course, because we know they would. He’s already done TWO SOLOS in Vegas. This is his THIRD SOLO. Come on people. Get a grip. B1 gets all Yes votes, and gets to stay. Asaf enters the stage and says “Are you serious?” while holding his shirt up. He dances with a shirt anyway. Asaf brings more actual dance into his breaking. He still has all the stunts and moves, but it’s more of a choreographed solo. It’s brilliant. Standing O from everyone. Paula calls him an “entertainer beyond”. Asaf starts backtalking to Nigel. He really didn’t like B1. FOOT IN MOUTH. Dude almost got himself cut. Nigel was making a point about choreography, and how Asaf needs to learn how to do choreo. Two judges already said yes, so he was safe. Why did he speak?

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