Big Brother 17 Spoilers – Da’Vonne and “Liz” Chat


Yesterday, we reported how the Twin Twist was discovered by Da’Vonne and eventually spread all over the house, with the help of her buddy Jason. It seemed unfortunate that Day didn’t keep the info to herself to use as leverage with Liz/Julia for votes. Day won the “Kathy Griffin Last Laugh” perk, and will be able to keep 3 houseguests from voting for eviction.

However, last night, Day cornered Julia (she switched with Liz yesterday afternoon) claiming there are folks in the house that believe she’s part of some “twin twist.” Day never accuses her, mentions which houseguests were gossiping, or–more importantly–that SHE instigated the rumors. “I think it’s funny,” said Day. “But true or false, I don’t know.” Day presented herself as a bystander who is willing to be Liz/Julia’s ally in exchange for her support.

Julia’s response was to gasp–not very convincingly,  “Oh my God. I cannot believe people are saying that. What?.”

“At this point I feel like you need me. And I need you,” said Day. “I need you to convince Austin to keep me in this house.” Julia agreed. “You already had my vote,” Julia said (contradicting what Liz promised Shelli when told she was safe from the block). Day continued her plea, “I need to make it at least to jury. That’s all I can promise us is jury.”

Day advised Julia/Liz to watch for the things people have noticed: That Liz is more “bubbly” than Julia. “Get bubbly,” Day suggested. She also asks her NOT to tell anyone. “If that comes back…that f****s me, and you too.” Liz promised to campaign for Day, beginning with Austin. “You saved me,” said Liz, “I respect you so much.”

Complicating the situation even more, Audrey told Vanessa that she overheard the conversation, and warns that Liz/Julia will vote to evict Meg instead. Vanessa went straight to Clay and Shelli with that tidbit. Working in Day’s favor: Audrey is such a known liar, the houseguests don’t know what to believe.

In the meantime, nearly everyone in the house knows about the twin twist. Steve spilled the news to both Vanessa and Becky (she already knew, but didn’t let on), hoping to gain their trust. “It didn’t come from me,” he told Vanessa, conspiratorily.  Steve better be careful. For a superfan, he sure plays a dumb game. Lucky for him, when Shelli told Vanessa about the twist later, she pretended she didn’t know.

The group doesn’t know the name of Liz’s twin, so they’ve dubbed her “Cruella” based on the villain from the Disney film, 101 Dalmatians. Mean! The houseguests plan to ask Julia/Liz questions, hoping to catch either one in a contradiction.

Day has to tell production today which 3 houseguests she’s decided to eliminate from voting. Who do you think she’ll choose?

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