Big Brother 17 Spoilers – Shelli Rethinks Her Plans

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 2

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 2

Big Brother Head of Household, Shelli, was all set to put up Liz as the replacement nomination for Power of Veto winner, John.  Vanessa and Clay suggested Meg as the replacement, but Shelli felt if she put up a well-connected and well liked houseguest like Meg, there would be reprisals afterward. It’s safer to put up a well liked outsider like Liz, she felt. At the time, Shelli and Clay were confident they had enough votes to get rid of their target Day.

But in the game of Big Brother, plans are made and PLANS ARE CHANGED.

Vanessa told Shelli that Austin overheard a group of houseguests, including James, Meg, Jason and Day poke fun at Shelli and Clay, their “showmance” and how they appear to be “isolated” as a couple. During that conversation, Day took the opportunity to campaign for the others to keep her. Vanessa reminds Shelli that Meg, Jason and James are working together and loyal to each other, in addition to being friendly with Day. Just because they promised Shelli they’d vote out Day, doesn’t mean they will. Austin eventually joined the conversation to confirm what he overheard. He’s worried that if Day isn’t sent home, Shelli and Clay could be the next targets.

Vanessa has been trying to convince Shelli to put up Meg, because she IS so well connected. The house isn’t going to sacrifice a strong ally like Meg for Day. Liz may be liked, but as floater and non-game player, she’s expendable. Shelli suspects that Meg threw the POV competition so that John could get himself off the block, which adds to Shelli’s distrust of Meg.

Austin, who is a student of Big Brother, has seen the house flip suddenly too many times. Also, Day has been lying about her job. She’s NOT a second grade teacher, like she said. Familiar with the LA Unified School district where she said she taught, Austin quizzed her on a couple of things, and she failed.  Austin. He’s good.

Liz joined the conversation to plead her case as an “outsider” who doesn’t have strong support in the house. Austin and Vanessa convince Shelli: The only way to get Day OUT is to put her up against somebody that NO ONE else is going to vote out. Pitting Day against Meg would be pitting two of the same group against each other. Meg is the favorite. Day would be a goner. Plus, Liz is clearly on their side. Why jeopardize an ally?

If Shelli and Clay are looking for the surest bet to get Day out of the house, Meg is a better choice for the block than Liz. Sometimes you have to take risks to get a reward. The thing is, once Day and then Audrey are gone, the house is going to split. I could see Clay, Shelli and Vanessa vs James, Meg, Jason and maybe even Jeff (he’s not as loyal as they think) on the other. In a couple of weeks, things could get VERY INTERESTING in the Big Brother house.

The Veto ceremony will take place in the next couple of days. Stay tuned for updates!

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