American Idol 2018 Recap – Top 10 Revealed Live Blog (VIDEOS)

AMERICAN IDOL - "114 (Top 10 Reveal)" - America's votes are in and live shows begin, as the top 14 contestants perform and the top 10 finalists are revealed, as the search for America's next superstar continues on its new home on America's network, The ABC Television Network, MONDAY, APRIL 23 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless) CADE FOEHNER, CALEB LEE HUTCHINSON, MARCIO DONALDSON, JONNY BRENNS, DENNIS LORENZO, MARA JUSTINE, RYAN SEACREST

American Idol 2018 Recap Top 10 Revealed Live Blog

Tonight on American Idol on ABC at 8 pm ET, the Top 10 will be revealed LIVE.  Each of the six contestants who advance via your votes will perform a “victory performance.” The remaining 8 singers will perform for a spot as a judges Wildcard pick. Four singers will move on to the Top 10. The remaining four will head home.

American Idol 2018 Top 14 Poll Results and Predictions (PHOTOS)
American Idol 2018 Recap – Top 14 Performance Live Blog

Join us as we Live Blog all the performances and results. Featured on the panel are veteran R&B master, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to host. It’s the FIRST live show of the season, y’all.

Ryan says “BE prepared for DRAMA on this stage. THIS is American Idol.” Whoo.  Oh we have two zones on the stage. The VICTORY zone. On the other side? THE DANGER ZONE. Erm. Ryan reminds us the EVERYBODY is going to sing tonight. 


Maddie Poppe joins Ryan on stage.  He goes through the deets as Ryan is wont to do. And MADDIE IS SAFE! YAY. 

Maddie Poppe – Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles – Her rendition, with guitar, is super cool. As usual Maddie spins a familiar song into something wonderful. LOVE LOVE LOVE the arrangement. “How about you walk like you’re in the Top 10?” says Ryan. GROAN.

Michelle Sussett is next. Unfortunately “Your best was not enough,” says Ryan. But good news! She can sing for a spot in the Top 10. Michelle is in the Danger Zone

Michelle Sussett – I’m a Dreamer (Original) – Oh girlfriend. This was not the time to sing a mediocre original. Especially one that that highlights your thin voice and vocal flaws. Part of the song is in Spanish.  Luke congratulates her on doing an original song. “We believe you’re a star.” He thinks some vocal stuff is keeping away the votes. Katy is happy she sang in Spanish. “I believe in you,” she says. “We don’t know who you are until you show us,” says Lionel. He also appreciated her bilingual original. Michelle assures America that even though she’s from Venezuela, she loves America and considers it her home. Oh. I never even considered that segment of America who would  prefer Michelle was on the other side of a big beautiful wall rather than on their TV screens.

Marcio Donaldson is up. After the nationwide vote…he’s not in the top 1o yet. DANGER ZONE for Marcio

Marcio Donaldson – Jealous by Nick Jonas – Oh. He looks so dejected up there.  I know it’s hard, but he needs to lighten up here. The vocal is on point, but there’s no energy. He throws in a few dance moves and a falsetto note, but it seems halfhearted. When he finishes, he looks like he’s about to cry. Luke says “it’s not the strongest thing we’ve seen from you.” Luke notes how emotionally he reacted and that it affected his performance. “You have always been enough,” Katy assures him.  “You’re going to hear more nos than yesses…this is not the end.” Hoo boy. The kiss off is real. Buh bye Marcio.

Ryan is hanging out in the lounge. He wants to know what the “atmosphere” is like. What do you THINK it’s like Ryan? I hate the way they’re hyping the negative energy. It’s unnerving. 

Cade Foehner is next.  Ryan walks out with him on stage. For some reason…he gives him the news backstage? “You should walk out on stage and celebrate. You made the Top 10.” Cade is Safe! Time for a victory song!

Cade Foehner – Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr. – I’d love for Cade to bust out of his classic rock box and tackle something contemporary. Maybe even a poppish song. Because I’m probably going to get bored if he continues to sing similar songs. Having said that–he is a terrific performer.

Garrett Jacobs is up. Ryan puts it in football terms…or something. “You’ve got to get out of the danger zone first. Well that means Garrett is in danger.

Garret Jacobs – Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival – This performance has some nice moments. His sweet tone is front center. He’s got a nice rasp and falsetto too. A world of difference when he doesn’t have to compete with the band. He’s mostly staying in tune. This performance may result in a second chance. Definitely one of his better performances. That’s called rising to the challenge. “Way to state your case…good job, good song choice,” says Luke. The crowd boos when he mentions pitch problems. BUT IT’S TRUE. They boo Katy before she barely says a word. Shush crowd! She’s going to compliment him, “It’s the best you’ve ever sounded. I love how you sound when the pressure is on.” Katy loves his grandma Honey, regardless. “You have to bring style now,” warns Lionel “WHO ARE YOU.”

Gabby Barrett is next. Blah blah blah. Of course, Gabby is safe. Time for a victory song. 

Gabby Barrett – Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert – Gabby delivers a growly performance as she works the stage from one end to the other. I’ve never seen her so animated, complete with high kicks and major hair flips. The judges are standing for her. Katy wants to know what she ate for dinner. She’ll have what she’s having. Heh.

Dennis Lorenzo is next. And after a nationwide vote…he has NOT made the Top 10 Dennis is in the DANGER ZONE. “Time to change people’s minds,” he says. Atta boy. 

Dennis Lorenzo – This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush – He takes a big risk singing the first verse all up in his falsetto. Dennis is a versatile singer, and he shows off all he can do with this vocal. He’s really like a quiet storm. He’s easy to miss. I hope the judges give him another shot. Luke says, “I’m going to fight for you buddy…you have shown me every style of singing…great job.” Katy will fight for him too.”You brought it to the table.” Lionel says, “I have never questioned my country. But America doesn’t know what they’re doing.” Well that decision has already been made. Not that I mind.

Ryan announces the news we posted this morning. Starting next Sunday (April 29), viewers across the country can watch and vote American Idol at the same time. Results will be delivered at the end of the show. 

Jonny Brenns is next. Ryan notes that he’s one of the least experienced performers. And maybe for that reason? he is in the DANGER ZONE.

Jonny Brenns – Demons by Imagine Dragons – Jonny is pulling out a good performance tonight. He sings a vulnerable rendition of ‘Demons’ Which starts off slow, before gathering steam. He stays on pitch. He’s singing for his life y’all.  Like I said, when Jonny is good, he’s very very good. Well, maybe not when his voice cracks on the last note. But still. Luke says the style of song really suits him. He feels the last couple of songs were too ambitious vocally. Yup. Katy says Jonny has grown leaps and bounds “You look like  a rockstar.” Katy suggests Gabby teach him a little about stage movement. “Define your character,” says Lionel. “Don’t get overwhelmed,” he says.

After the nationwide vote, making it into the Top 10? Caleb Lee Hutchinson. I KNEW America would vote him through–even with the negative judges comments after his performance last night.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson – Gettin You Home by Chris Young – Caleb knows who he is, but hasn’t really developed a distinctive style yet. I mean…we’ve already got Scotty McCreery. But he fits the mainstream country lane comfortably. And he’s got that lane all to himself.

Ryan backstage doing another “mood check.” LEAVE THEM ALONE. Geez. They’re nervous, OK? The contestants keep it together, talking about how close they’ve grown to one another. 

Mara Justine is next. She confesses that she didn’t sleep well. After the nationwide vote…Mara is in the DANGER ZONE. Ryan breaks the news to her gently backstage. That was a sweet way to do it.

Mara Justine – Love on the Brain by Rihanna – She’s back to flipping her hair and jumping around nervously all over the stage. She tosses off a bunch of big notes and goes deep in her lower range. She finishes with the biggest hair flip of all. She’s in tears Hm. I just don’t think she’s ready yet. Luke is in shock that America didn’t vote her through. REALLY? I’m not. “I think you’ve learned so much in this competition…whatever happens it’s all about timing sometimes,” says Katy. Lionel says, “It’s not just singing. It’s the package. I still don’t know what’s wrong with America.” Lionel talking in cliches  now that the show is live. Stop that.

Jurnee is next. OH WOW. Jurnee is in the DANGER ZONE. The judges have to save her! She wasn’t at the very top of her game last night, unfortunately.

Jurnee – Never Enough (Greatest Showman) – Singing a ballad is smart. It’s a beautiful and passionate performance. If she had sung this last night, she’d be safe.  Luke said once again, she made it look so easy. “You got me sold…we’ve seen your battles and struggles…so inspiring.” Katy says, “Never have I ever seen such a qualified woman for the job. And not get the job.” Heh. Lionel simply says, “I love you.” Jurnee is determined that ONE DAY she’ll get the job. Pretty sure that day is today. ETA: I totally forgot that she performed this song during the showcase round, where it was more effective to be honest. Still. She should have sung a ballad last night.

Michael J. Woodard is next. Ryan wants to know the most challenging part of last night’s song. ‘Staying still,” he says. And of course. Michael is SAFE

Michael J. Woodard – Believe in Yourself (The Wiz) – Michael is odd and strange and from a different universe and IT’S ALL SO VERY GOOD. Michael pulls out the musical theater side once again and it’s a BEAUTIFUL THING.

Ada and Catie remain.  One is safe. One is in danger. And the final person voted through to the Top 10 is Catie Turner. Not a surprise

Catie Turner – Havana by Camila Cabello – Just Catie and her guitar. This is very good. Catie’s missteps may be in her past. She’s best when she sticks to her signature singer/songwriter style. Despite setbacks, she deserves her spot in the Top 10. I love her phrasing SO MUCH.

Ada Vox – And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) – The crowd was chanting ADA during the commercial break. As well they should. So Ada ends the night with a show stopping performance.  AND YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE HER DAMMIT. Would the judges DARE not advance her to the Top 10? The crowd chants her name Katy removes her earrings. Katy says they have 60 years of show business experience between them. “I think we know talent when we see it.” They don’t even wait. ADA GOES STRAIGHT TO THE TOP 10

Fingers crossed for Jurnee and Dennis. KIERAN DIM THE LIGHTS. Each judge announces a pick. Lionel chooses JURNEE. Katy announces Michelle Sussett. WHAT? QUIT TRYING TO MAKE MICHELLE HAPPEN. Idol is not a good fit for her talents. I’d bet my house she’ll be eliminated next week. Lionel gives a little pep talk before announcing the last spot. He goes on about how many times The Commodores heard no. Damn. Ryan is totally stretching now. “Over 10 million people are watching this now,” says Katy. UH NO. More like 6-7M. She tells the singers to use rejection like rocket fuel. Luke Bryan announces…Dennis Lorenzo. YES. Jonny and Garrett were too inconsistent and inexperienced as performers. Both should spend time grinding on the road and then maybe…try out for The Voice. Ha. 

Next week the Top 10 sing Disney songs! Broadway star Idina Menzel will be mentoring the singers.

Top 10 (Safe)

Maddie Poppe
Cade Foehner
Gabby Barrett
Caleb Lee Hutchinson
Michael J Woodard
Catie Turner
Ada Vox – Judges Wildcard
Jurnee – Judges Wildcard
Michelle Sussett – Judges Wildcard
Dennis Lorenzo – Judges Wildcard


Marcio Donaldson
Garrett Jacobs
Jonny Brenns
Mara Justine

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