American Idol 2018 Recap – Top 14 Performances Live Blog (VIDEOS)

American Idol 2018 Recap Top 14 Performances Live Blog

Tonight on American Idol on ABC at 8 pm ET, the Top 14 will perform for YOUR VOTES. 1  Join us as we Live Blog all the performances and results. Featured on the panel are veteran R&B master, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to host.

The episode was taped last night (April 21) and we have tons of spoilers for you. Check out the song list, in addition to our power list, at the link below:

American Idol Top 14 Song Spoilers
American Idol 2018 Top 14 Power List – Ranking the Contestants

Everything you need to know about voting at THIS Link. 

American Idol 2018 How to Vote Top 10 Reveal and Wildcard Details. Y’all can start voting NOW. Voting begins on the East Coast at 8pm ET and locks at 9am ET on Monday April 23.

In four short weeks the American Idol winner will be CROWNED. The new set is looking pretty fancy.

Each performance was preceded by a little introductory video clip

Caleb Lee Hutchinson – Midnight Train to Memphis by Chris Stapleton – His video clip is all about his struggle with weight. He wasn’t a popular guy in high school. But once he made the decision to lose weight and he did–over 80 pounds. He’s trying to surpass Garrett and Jonny for the “heartthrob club.” He probably will. Idol fans love their underdogs. He accompanies himself on banjo. The performance is better than I expected after reports from folks who attended the taping. His deep voice is well suited to the song. However, the band drowns him out in the second half of the song, at which point Caleb seems a little overwhelmed.  Katie is proud of his evolution. She felt his nerves might have affected his performance. Luke isn’t crazy excited about the song choice. Lionel felt he might have gotten distracted by screaming girls Text “1” to 21523

Michelle Sussette – F.r.i.e.n.d.s. – by Marshmello and Anne Marie – She dreamed about being an American Idol SO MANY TIMES! And now she’s here. Michele is living the American dream and sends money back to her family in Venezuela. Luke says she became a pop star tonight and the show needs one of those. “You just carved out that lane,” he says. “I want a big ole pop star on this show!” See? They want an Ariana Grande type–and added Latin flavor is a plus. I’m not sure Michelle’s vocals are going to cut it on a singing competition. She does have good stage presence and can dance, but those skills probably won’t help her on Idol.  Lionel felt that she owned her presentation. Katy says, “Dios Mios!” Katy compares her to Shakira. Katy thinks she needs to play at the viewers at home–she didn’t like the song choice.  Text “2” to 21523

Marcio Donaldson – It’s a Miracle by Barry Manilow – In his video package, Marcio talks about how growing up in Compton gave him strength. He and his family still live there, but he wants more for his son. This song choice is…not what I was expecting. But I’ll tell ya a little secret. This song is one of my guilty pleasures, OK? But as a song choice for singing  a competition in 2018? Probably not. I’d appreciate his jazzy interpretation more if it wasn’t so pitchy dawg. He’s working the stage like crazy, though. Not one of his best performances, to be sure. Lionel is on his feet, “That was old school!” He loves Marcio’s confidence. “Keep growing,” he says. Katy calls the performance “joyful” and “inspiring.” She advises that he not think about the results. Just sing! Luke wasn’t totally sold on the song, but appreciates that he showed the audience a whole other side. Marcio explains that he wanted to show America that he can entertain. I dunno dude. Maybe a Bruno joint would have fit that bill a wee bit better.  Text “3” to 21523

After the break, Ryan and the judges talk about the nerves on display tonight. “Don’t admit to mistakes!” says Lionel. 

Mara Justine – This is Me By Keala Settle – She has dreamt of being on American Idol her whole life (even when she competed on America’s Got Talent? Heh). She always felt like an outcast at school. “I didn’t feel loved at the time.” Mara says American Idol helped her feel like she belonged. Well..that performance got a little shouty. She scaled way back on the hairflips though! The passion felt a little…feigned? She trembled, stared and shook as she sang. But I didn’t quite believe it. She needs Rachel Platten back to mentor her! Katy feels that she has come along way. She likes how her physicality is developing. She didn’t deliver vocally tonight, however. Luke wasn’t completely emotionally invested in that song (me neither). Lionel says her confidence at 16 is to be admired. “You bring your inner strength forward in your talent.” Oh she’s crying now. Text “4” to 21523

Garrett Jacobs – Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips – Garrett has been singing his whole life. His mom sang in church. After he got serious about music, his parents bought him a nice guitar…and he broke it. On stage, he’s still having problems with pitch and control. But his tone is as pretty as ever. The performance has good moments, but I wish he was a little more urgent on the chorus. We’re talking about a dang raging fire here dude! You’re supposed to be singing like ya mean it. Luke calls it “very dynamic.” He’s says he’s not bothered by the pitchy stuff. “You look comfortable up there.” Lionel saw him lose focus “Stay in character,” he warns. Katy instructs the rest of the cast to do some jumping jacks backstage. She wants them all to bring it. Text “5” to 21523

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Ada Vox – The Show Must Go On by Queen – Ada is looking totally glam tonight! But she assures her fans that there’s more to her than just beauty! She had brain surgery at 8 years old. Mom would sing during little Adam’s  recovery, during which he spent a lot of time alone. That’s when when the love of singing began. The lighting is A+. But the band is so loud. SO LOUD. Ada seems to be shouting to be heard. A very dramatic performance, she nails the high note at the end. Lionel says, “You have no idea how fabulous you are…you came here tonight to stop the show. You take us to another level. You are on fire.” Katy says, “You finally started the show, queen!” She adds “I was waiting for someone to show up.” True. Not my fav vocal performance from Ada, but she owns the stage every time she’s on it. “Good job,” says Luke. Ada says she goes into a completely different space when she performs. Text “6” to 21523

Catie Turner – Take Me to Church by Hozier – She talks about online bullying. Some folks don’t like her personality. Her mom reminds her that even Beyonce has haters.  On stage, Catie is looking real pretty tonight. Makeup, hair and outfit: A+ She’s calmed down enough to deliver a beautiful vocal. The first chorus is a little languid. But her phrasing, and dynamics are right on. She comes ALIVE on the bridge, and finishes the song strong. When Catie has the right song, she’s really something. She brought it tonight. Lionel and Katy are on their feet. Katy wants to sing with Catie some day. “You are exactly who you should be…don’t scroll down on the comments!” She adds, ‘Don’t give the haters a job. They don’t deserve it.” Luke says he warned her about staying off the internet. “You can win this thing,” says Luke. Lionel calls her authentic, “You’re on your way to somewhere my dear.” Text “7” to 21523

Cade Foehner – Black Magic Woman by Santana – We see Cade working on the farm. He grows some Dag Gum Kale! And we’re introduced to his pet pig. On stage, Cade brings back the 70’s! Cade doesn’t possess vocal prowess, but he still manages to deliver an original vocal. Coupled with impressive guitar skills, his confidence and charisma will win the day. “My wife loves  you,” says Luke, “Little mad about that!” Luke appreciates that he can rip the guitar and get a big audience response. “We call that the package, my friend,” says Lionel. Katy squeaks. “My mom is obsessed with you!” She wants a souvenir for her.  Katy walks up on stage and pulls out a strand of his hair. Alrighty then. Ryan says he never even saw that with Clay Aiken before handing him a bunch of kale from a female fan. Oh boy. Text “8” to 21523

Dennis Lorenzo – In My Blood by Shawn Mendes – Dennis shares about the daughter he had when he was 19. He wishes he could be around more for her. Ditching the guitar, Dennis isn’t so mellow tonight. He’s ALIVE on stage. This is what I mean about singing like you mean it. A very passionate rendition from Dennis. “Raw” is written on the back of his jean jacket. It’s a fitting description for the performance he just delivered. Lionel felt he broke through the ceiling, “You have just taken the next step,” he says. Katy says, “I thought it was a little shaky at the start…but eventually I became a believer.” She likes that he has another card up his sleeve. “You have show us so many sides of you,” says Luke, “that was amazing.” Katy compares him to Chris Cornell. Aw. His mom is stuck on an airplane. Text “9” to 21523

Maddie Poppe – Homeward Bound By Simon and Garfunkel – She talks about her love of classic rock music. It’s a sound she’s settled on before going through  country and pop phases.  “I may not look like the obvious front runner, but that’s the best place to be,” she says. Yep. Dark horse. That’s what Maddie is. She takes the stage and quietly shows everybody how it’s done.  Her interpretive skills are so so good, along with exquisite tone and phrasing. Lovely. The judges are so happy after she finishes, they do a group hug. “I thought I was listening to Joni Mitchell,” says Katy. “You have incredible musical taste.” Luke is PRAYING folks at home are feeling what everyone felt in the room. “It is so seasoned…big time know what the hell I’m doing,” he says. “We’re not a business of singers,” Lionel says, “We’re a business of stylists. You present you on every song.” He calls her “maybe a winner” on American Idol. Maddie confesses that she’s shaking so bad right now. She reminds me a little of Season 7’s Brooke White.  Text “10” to 21523

Jurnee – Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj – She was eliminated from the group rounds season 15. We see Keith Urban cutting her! After, she gave up on music. She fell into a bad crowd at school. But then she snapped out of it. On stage, I didn’t like how the song kept her vocal in her upper register the entire time.  She also rapped the Nicki parts. Maybe too much for one song? Jurnee’s effortlessness always impressed me. Here, she may be working it a little too hard. Nevertheless, Jurnee sparkles on stage. If the judges are looking for a pop star, Jurnee is it. Luke says he wasn’t expecting THAT from her. “Good job,” he says. “You’re bringing it,” says Lionel, “You’ve got show business.” Katy has never seen her move. “I think you’re an artist now, not just some wedding singer.” Wut? Jurnee was never like a wedding singer. Text “11” to 21523

Jonny Brenns – This is Gospel by Panic at the Disco – In his video package, Jonny explains that he has only performed for people in church. So he took Katy’s suggestion to take ballet to heart. Indeed, we see him in class with a bunch of little kids, which has Katy losing her mind. On stage, this rangy song may not be for Jonny. Often biting off more than he can chew, he needs to work on his pitch and control. Until he’s got that down, dude needs to choose easier songs. Lionel loves watching him perform. Jonny smiled through the performance–Lionel likes that he’s having fun. “Real men can also wear tights!” says Katy. She calls the performance “fun.” She thinks he can work on the notes, but he’s grown a lot. Luke thinks the song is forcing him to attack big notes. He tells him to keep working on it. Jonny says he learned in ballet that six year old girls are better dancers than he is. Jonny’s joy was palpable throughout that performance. But it didn’t make up for the bum notes. Text “12” to 21523

Michael J. Woodard – Titanium by Sia – Growing up he heard a lot of gospel. he wasn’t introduced to secular music until later. Ringtones introduced him to all kinds of music! Michael has a knack for making familiar songs sound completely brand new. And this performance is no exception. He doesn’t oversing, or throw in a million extraneous runs. He just sits in a song like it’s a well worn blanket. He is born to perform. Wow. Katy headed to Coachella after the show, and promises to tell Sia about Michael’s performance. Luke says he has a knack “for pulling us in.” That’s true! And it feels like he’s not working that hard. Lionel calls him a “martian” but it’s a compliment. He calls him “pure” and a star. Michael is SHOOK at their reaction. Text “13” to 21523

 Gabby Barrett – The Climb by Miley Cyrus – She began singing at 9 in a gospel choir. That’s where her R&B influence comes from. She performs a very pretty, heartfelt rendition of the song, with a surprising amount of restraint. The arrangement is a perfect soul/country blend. If Gabby keeps picking the right songs, she’s going to go far in this competition. Luke says, “That was my favorite vocal situation of the night…you’re not playing around anymore.” Yes, Luke used the phrase “vocal situation.”  Katy says, “You went through the star wash! You sound like a gosh darn star.” Lionel says “We’re watching the beginning of A Star is Born.” Text “14” to 21523

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