• FIRST LISTEN: Carrie Underwood’s New Single, “Something In The Water”!
  • Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Plot Details “Jagged Little Tapestry” Episode 3
  • Glee Season 6 Spoilers: “Jagged Little Tapestry” – FULL Song List
  • Kelly Clarkson Teases New Album Details!

FIRST LISTEN: Casey James’s New Single, “Fall Apart” (With Cover Art)!

Casey James - Fall Apart - Cover Art

Check out the full stream of Columbia Nashville recording act and Season 9 American Idol finalist Casey James’s new single, “Fall Apart”! Cowritten by Will Bowen and the duo We Are Kingston (a.k.a. John and Zach Carter), “Fall Apart” is a 6/8 time heartbreak ballad, and eschews much-maligned bro country tropes to focus on the […]

Scorpion- Episode 2- Recap

We see a young Walter O’Brien, with his irish accent getting punished for being too smart. This is where we learn that Walter has a sister, which we then see Walter reading a letter that says his sister is sick with something that leaves her immobile. Ralph might be sick… but OH WAIT… Walter reveals […]

The Voice 7 – Blind Auditions 3 – Take The Polls

The Voice - Season 7

Oh man! The first week of The Voice auditions were FRONT LOADED with talent! How else to explain tonight’s disappointing collection of singers? The coaches raved and raved about performances that were just so-so in my opinion. Maybe there are a couple of growers in this bunch. Anyway–gotta have cannon fodder to ditch first in […]

The Voice 7 Live Blog – Blind Auditions #3

The Voice - Season 7

Goooood evening everybody! Thanks for joining me in tonight’s live blog of The Voice! I have tried to remain spoiler free (I can’t help it, I like surprises and am one of those weird people who get upset when I find out what it is before I should). I’m looking forward to seeing all of […]