The Amazing Race 36 Spoilers: Elimination Order and Route Info

The Amazing Race – Middle row, from left to right: Amber Craven and Vinny Cagungun, Yvonne Chavez and Melissa Main, Sunny Pulver and Elizabeth “Bizzy” Smith, Michelle and Rod Clark Back row, from left to right: Juan Villa and Shane Bilek, Derek and Shelisa, Chris and Mary, Rod and Leticia Gardner, Anthony and Bailey Smith. Photo: Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

The Amazing Race 36 Spoilers: Route Information and Contestant Elimination Order

The Amazing Race 36 premieres on Wednesday, March 13th, but the season was filmed in October and November of 2022. This season actually took place before The Amazing Race 35, but CBS chose to air them out of order. Live sightings of the teams were posted on social media. As a result, spoilers were leaked online. Fans pieced evidence together to figure out the elimination order of the teams. I did not attain these spoilers myself, but this is where teams were spotted and what fans believe to be the boot order.

Countries Visited


  • Puerto Vallarta


  • Guatapé
  • Medellín


  • Santiago


  • Córdoba


  • Montevideo


  • Bridgetown

Dominican Republic

  • Puerto Plata

United States

  • Philadelphia

Elimination Order

13th place: Maya & Rohan (Siblings)

12th place: Anthony & Bailey (Twins) or Chris & Mary (Father & Daughter)

11th place: Anthony & Bailey (Twins) or Chris & Mary (Father & Daughter)

10th place: Michelle & Sean (Married Aerobics Instructors)

9th place: Kishori & Karishma (Cousins)

8th place: Sunny & Mizzy (Firefighter Moms) or Derek & Shelisa (Grandparents)

7th place: Sunny & Mizzy (Firefighter Moms) or Derek & Shelisa (Grandparents)

6th place: Angie & Danny (Mother & Son)

5th place: Yvonne & Melissa (Girlfriends)

4th place: Amber & Vinny (Dating Nurses)

Final 3

Ricky & César (Dating)

Rod & Leticia (Married)

Juan & Shane (Military Pilots)

The winners are likely Ricky & César since they were ahead of the other two teams throughout the Final Leg. However, Rod & Leticia were not too far behind and could’ve passed Ricky & César at the final task. Juan & Shane, however, were way behind and are most likely the 3rd place team.

The only way to find out if these spoilers are true is to watch this upcoming season. Tune in Wednesday night for the premiere of The Amazing Race 36, and read a live recap of the show here.

ETA: The placements for 13th and 12th were edited to reflect information provided by a commenter below.

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