American Idol Scandal? Kennedy Reid Accused of Having Affair with Boss

American Idol 2024 - Kennedy Reid
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KENNEDY REID

American Idol Top 24 singer Kennedy Reid accused of having an affair with her boss

The following is unverified gossip. But it’s worth a post because whether it’s true or not, the wife of Kennedy Reid’s boss at the funeral home where she works appears to be accusing them of having an affair. Kennedy is the 23 year old mortician from Indiana who is currently a Top 24 contestant on American Idol.

Redditors found a public post on Facebook, apparently written by Kennedy’s bosses wife, Darlene Booth Oxendine, who goes on a long rant about her husband, Anthony Oxendine.

American Idol 2024 Top 24 - Kennedy Reid
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KENNEDY REID

“Let me just get this out there so everyone knows…Anthony Oxendine and I are getting a divorce finally,” the wife seemingly writes. “It has been reported to me via numerous people that Anthony’s relationship with Kennedy Reid has been ongoing for close to 4 years.”

“I signed Kennedy up for Idol and took all her pictures and videos for Idol. I prayed with her, held her hands and told her how amazing she was not knowing she had been sleeping with my husband the entire time,” writes the wife. “And many of you knew it and who knows what you were told or thought about me. I was reassured over and over that I was ‘paranoid’ and Kennedy told me he was ‘old enough to be her Dad’ but here we are.”

The person claiming to be Kennedy’s boss’ wife not only accuses her of cheating with her husband but insists she got pregnant

American Idol 2024 - Kennedy Reid
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KENNEDY REID

Hold on, it gets crazier. “It has been reported to me via her uncle’s brother that she was pregnant in November of last year by my husband. Despite the fact that Kennedy and her mother have been actively calling and visiting my place of employment trying to get me fired because I found out about this.”

And the wife claims that Kennedy’s MOTHER confirmed the affair. “Even her mother reached out to my Pastor telling him it had been going on for years. I get it, it doesn’t look good on national television to be sleeping with a married man, pregnant with his baby and trying to win a singing competition.”

Alongside the post, are photos of the husband attending Kennedy’s judges audition and her Top 24 performance in Hawaii. And there is a posted screenshot of a message Kennedy’s mother supposedly sent to the wife’s pastor. “This ongoing saga between Kennedy and Anthony has been going on for years,” the screenshotted message reads. “He has told her two million times that he is going to divorce his wife because he wants to be with her.”

Could the poster be making all of it up? Could they have written the screenshotted message to the pastor? If Kennedy were pregnant, wouldn’t that be hard to hide at this point? Yes, yes and yes. So a warning to take it all with a grain of salt at this point.

The Facebook post surfaced on a Reddit thread. A poster claiming to be Kennedy is refuting the allegations

American Idol 2024 - Kennedy Reid
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KENNEDY REID

In fact, the thread on Reddit where the news originated (r/americanidol) has been locked by a mod. The reason? A poster claiming to be Kennedy entered the thread to refute the wife’s allegations. The mod asked the poster to please go through a verification process, which they have not done yet. So the poster may or may NOT be Kennedy. The thread will be reopened if the poster claiming to be Kennedy can prove it’s her, says the mod.

“Kennedy” says she’s NEVER been pregnant, and the all the allegations are lies. “Hey everyone! Kennedy Reid here! Everything that this woman posted is a complete and utter lie and she is being charged criminally by the state of Indiana for her lies!”, the poster who claims to be Kennedy wrote. “My boss is my friend and flew to my Hawaii performance for the three hour performance and flew back home the same night. I also have numerous screenshots and there is a lawsuit being filed for defamation of character. There is absolutely no truth behind this and I have never been pregnant! Thank you.”

American Idol 2024 - Kennedy Reid

“I want to say the motive is jealousy”

The poster also offered a motive for the wife’s claims, “I want to say the motive is jealousy. I wish no harm or bad upon her. I just hope she wakes up and smells the roses.”

The members of the forum so far are split. Some believe it and some don’t. Kennedy will be seen again on Sunday when the Top 20 is revealed. No spoilers from Wednesday night’s taping yet, but Kennedy probably made the cut. She’s an old fashioned singer, but fans seem to like her. Could the crowd turn on her because of the allegations? They should not, because it’s all gossip and accusations at this point. And really, there is no way to prove it either.

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